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This course is one of the fundamental in the BA of CONSERVAZIONE E GESTIONE DEI BENI E DELLE ATTIVITÀ CULTURALI -
It is the second module of the course HISTORY OF CONTEMPORARY ART (12 cfu), that follow the first module HISTORY OF CONTEMPORARY ART 1.
The course develops the knowledge of the XX Century visual arts, through the analysis of movements and relationships between culture and arts, paying particular attention to very meaningful works of art and the connections between history and art history
- knowledge and understanding: knowledge of terminology; knowledge of main artists' poetic and works of art, groups and movements in the field of visual arts from the second half of the XIX Century to nowadays;
- ability to apply knowledge and understanding: knowledge of how to use a specific terminology and ability to recognize main artists and works of art based on lessons and texts given by the teacher; understanding the artist's poetic;
- ability to understand: capability in analyzing a work of art or the poetry of an artist or a group / movement among the studied ones, referring them to a correct temporal and cultural collocation; to be able to argue with property of language and correct formal analysis;
- communication skills: knowing how to use an appropriate and specific terminology, introduced and explained at lesson or on recommended texts and books; apply a good Italian (or English) syntax and grammar; being able to behave in a respectful and profitable way with professors and peers;
none (recommendable basic knowledge of Ancient, Medieval and Modern art)
Visual Arts in Europe and USA in the XX Century.
bibliography for examination:
lessons notes
G. Cricco, F. Di Teodoro, Itinerario nell'arte, Zanichelli, 2006, voll. 4-5 (in the "yellow edition")
suggested reading will follow.
Questions about main topics and artists developed during the course
frontal lessons with images projections, readings, revisions with students, case studies
due to the continuing of the emergency and the high number of participants, as claimed by the authorities, the course will be held in remote mode: students will follow the lessons live via zoom (a link to the virtual window and other information will be on the moodle page) or will find the lessons recorded in the moodle section of the module for a limited period of time

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