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2020/2021 Syllabus of previous years
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FT0235 (AF:337631 AR:178939)
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6 out of 12 of HISTORY OF MODERN ART
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Bachelor's Degree Programme
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3rd Term
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The course, considered as a core educational activity, aims to give the basic knowledge of Italian Art History of the Renaissance. The course aims also to provide methodological tools that allow the student to elaborate an analysis of a work of art . Major works of art will be described and discussed with emphasis on historical periodization and geographic context. Majors artists will find a specific treatment.
- knowledge and understanding: knowledge of terminology; knowledge of main artists' poetic and works of art, groups and schools in the field of visual arts of the Renaissance;
- ability to apply knowledge and understanding: knowledge of how to use a specific terminology and ability to recognize main artists and works of art based on lessons and texts given by the teacher; understanding the artist's poetic;
- ability to understand: capability in analyzing a work of art or the poetry of an artist or a group / movement among the studied ones, referring them to a correct temporal and cultural collocation; to be able to argue with property of language and correct formal analysis;
- communication skills: knowing how to use an appropriate and specific terminology, introduced and explained at lesson or on recommended texts and books; apply a good Italian syntax and grammar; being able to behave in a respectful and profitable way with professors and peers;
- learning skills: being able to recognize the fundamental protagonists of the arts of the Renaissance; being able to understand how to connect a work of art or an author to cultural and artistic movements / groups or to a specific cultural moment, making little comparisons between different themes and poetics.
No prerequisite is required
Through a selective examination of the main monuments, the most important works and artists, the course aims to introduce the key themes of Italian Renaissance Art and provide tools for the recognition of the artworks and their periodization, basic information on iconography and iconology as well as historiography and art critics.
Lecture notes

S.J. Campbell e M.W. Cole, L'arte del Rinascimento in Italia. Una nuova storia, Torino, Einaudi, 2015 (ed. or. London 2012).

About final examination:

The written test consists of filling out entries based on the recognition of images (the artworks introduced during the course) and of small processing. The form to fill will be modeled on the following items: Author, Title, Location, Chronology, Historical and critical notes.
Lectures with projected images.
The attendance of the course is strongly recommended.

Students not attending, shall agree the syllabus with the teacher

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