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ET0043 (AF:339962 AR:180772)
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L'insegnamento ricade tra gli insegnamenti base del percorso comune del corso di Economia e Commercio. L’obiettivo del corso di Lingua Spagnola Esame è di fornire agli studenti gli strumenti necessari per il raggiungimento di un'adeguata conoscenza della lingua e il conseguimento di una buona capacità di comprensione del linguaggio economico e turistico con un’enfasi particolare sulla comunicazione scritta e parlata.Durante il corso verranno trattati diversi argomenti relativi al mondo economico attuale e del turismo, gli ultimi sviluppi e il loro impatto nello Sviluppo Sostenibile.
By the end of the course, students will have learned how to:
- use correctly specific language to describe domestic and international economic trends and stock exchange performance;
- speak about the latest developments in the global economy and the advantages and disadvantages of collaborative consumption: the sharing economy, the access economy, the gig economy and the creative economy;
- use the correct terminology to describe crowdfunding and venture capital;
- speak about the opportunities offered by e-commerce to tap into international markets;
- give a group or an individual presentation;
- write a personal statement / motivational letter
- use correctly terminology necessary to work in the Tourism industry.

Students must have the A1 level at the beginning of the course (1st Semester) otherwise it's necessary to intensify the hours of the excercises organised in September.
Comprehension and knowledge of the Spanish language by learning in depth the economic and touristic vocabulary. Analysis and acquisition of the grammatical structures as well as of translation tecniques and specific lexicon.
The lessons are held in Spanish.
During the course students will have the opportunity to read authentic texts, watch videos, debate, discuss and comment on a variety of topics, including:
- Cultural Heritage
- Visitor experience and involvement
- The various types of tourism and their characteristics
- Sustainable tourism
- Describing a City - City PowerPoint Presentation
- Organizing grand events
- Travel trends
- Marketing and social media
- Classification of companies
- The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Prada,P.Marcé, "Entorno laboral", nivel A1/B1, Edelsa, Madrid 2017, Edición ampliada (223 pages).
R.Alonso, A.Castañeda, P.Martínez,L.Miquel, J.Ortega, J.Plácido, Gramática Básica del Estudiante de Español, Edición revisada y ampliada, Barcelona 2011 (302 pages).
A collection of readings and exercises will be available prior to each lesson. It is essential that students download this material from the Moodle Platform on the professor's homepage and bring it to each lesson
To verify the sudents' knowledge, both an oral and a written exam will be held. The written exam consists of different sentences and a commercial letter with gaps in order to apply the grammatical skills and the specific vocabulary that have been previously acquired. The written exam lasts 60 minutes and the use of books, dictionaries or any support whatsoever is not allowed. It is necessary to pass the written exam to take the oral one. The oral exam consists of a PowerPoint presentation of an Italian city or an Italian company, by following the guidelines that will be at disposal during the development of the course. The presentation can be done individually or in groups and should not exceed 10 minutes nor last shorter than 7 minutes. The students must show that they can present the city or the company from a formal perspective.
The whole subject is only passed when both exams are passed. The course is at the B1 level of the CEFR.
An examplee of the written exam (with answers) can be found from the Moodle Platform on the professor's homepage.
Frontal and online lessons with audio-visual materials.
The program is the same for attending and non-attending students.
Non-attending students are encouraged to contact the teacher at the beginning of the language training course.

Please note that the course ET4013-1] SPANISH FOR ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS (EXAM) will not be available during academic year 2021/2022. Therefore the last chance for students to take the exam will be in september 2021.
written and oral
Definitive programme.
Last update of the programme: 27/07/2020