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NM002A (AF:342401 AR:182165)
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2nd Term
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This course is part of the minor "Impresa, Banche, Lavoro e Fisco". The objective is to provide students with the basic principles in order to effectively and consciously operate both as a saver and as a bank customer.
Knowledge and understanding:
1) Knowledge and understanding of the main regulation that governs the bank-client relationship;
2) Knowledge and understanding of the main banking transactions and services;
3) Knowledge and understanding of the main saving instruments.
Applying knowledge and understanding:
1) Ability to apply the rules that regulate the bank-client relationship according to the specific transaction or service used;
2) Ability to acquire the relevant information about the transactions and services to assess their real cost.
Making Judgments:
1) Ability to select the saving instrument more consistent with the financial needs to be covered;
2) Ability to detect the most cost effective bank transaction or service.
None, because the course is aimed to students pursuing non-economic degrees.
Bank transactions and services
Transparency and behaviours of banks
Current accounts
Consumer loans
Interest rates and present value analysis
Risks and complaints management
Financial needs and investment goals
Main asset classes: stocks, bonds and cash
Investment funds, pension funds and life insurances
Appropriateness and suitability
Investor protection
Price and return for financial assets: stocks, bonds, mutual funds and pension plans
Readings available on Moodle.
Final exam, 16 multiple choice questions, 20 minutes time. Questions will ascertain the knowledge of the basic concepts presented in the course, the capability to apply to simple examples, and the critical understanding of such concepts.
The course will be based on a combined learning approach based on virtual classroom teaching and e-learning practice through the Kahoot application.
Accessibility, Disability and Inclusion.
Accommodation and support services for students with disabilities and students wih specific learning impairments.
Ca’ Foscari abides by Italian Law (Law 17/1999; Law 170/2010) regarding support services and accommodation available to students with disabilities. This includes students with mobility, visual, hearing and other disabilities (Law 17/1999), and specific learning impairments (Law 170/2010). If you have a disability or impairment that requires accommodations (i.e., alternate testing, readers, note takers or interpreters) please contact the Disability and Accessibility Offices in Student Services:
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