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2020/2021 Syllabus of previous years
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AM0006 (AF:345647 AR:179687)
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Class 2
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Master's Degree Programme (DM270)
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2nd Term
Competency Lab is included in the didactic offerings of all master degree courses of Ca’ Foscari. It encompasses four interactive class meetings that aim to lead the participants in a process of development of their awareness about the soft skills that are needed to achieve their professional goals and to enhance their competitiveness in the labor market.
Competency Lab has been developed by the Ca' Foscari Competency Centre, the research centre whose aim is to improve people's employability through the development of their soft skills.
The soft skills are a set of individual characteristics needed to achieve effective work performance. These skills can be activated in any job that requires them, and can be of achievement, relational or cognitive nature, such as: achievement orientation, initiative, adaptability, empathy, leadership, conflict management, persuasion, group management, self-awareness, self-control, pattern recognition, system thinking, oral communication, etc.
Each Competency Lab is structured in 4 classroom meetings, lasting about 3 hours each (corresponding to 15 academic hours) and in activities to be carried out online between one meeting and another. The entire Lab is organized over a period of 5 weeks.
Enrollment and attendance are mandatory. The class participation and the completion of the proposed activities through the online platform will provide:
- 3 extracurricular credits (3 CFU), which will be inserted in the student's academic career and in the final extract of exams;
- the issuing of the Open Badge “Soft Skills: Self Awareness”
The Competency Lab allows the students to undertake a process aimed:
- to acquire knowledge on the emotional and social competency model, on the intentional change process, on the distinctive characteristics of personal vision, on the 360-degree assessment of soft skills, and on the identification of the personal strengths and areas of improvements.
- to increase the understanding on the personal aspirations and targets of personal and professional growth; to demonstrate awareness on the level of social and emotional competencies needed to achieve their targets; to understand their strengths and areas of improvements necessary to define an individual learning plan.
- to apply the knowledge and the understanding of their emotional and social competencies to define personal learning objectives.
- to evaluate the expectations coming from the labor market, in terms of soft skills that are needed, and to formulate judgements on how to effectively propose themselves on the labor market leveraging on their own Personal Vision and on their competency portfolio.
- to nurture the learning skills to allow them to continue to develop the personal vision and the assessment of their soft skills a manner that may be largely self-directed and autonomous.
Competency Lab is addressed to students enrolled in all Masters' Degree Programmes (second cycle degree) at Ca' Foscari.
During the Competency Lab each student is driven through three stages. The first step is the identification of his/her future goals. This phase wants to orient the student to a mature and clear vision of his/her professional goals (ideal self). The second phase makes it possible, through a 360-degree assessment, to understand the level of mastery of a set of emotional and social competencies (real self). The third phase involves the awareness of his/her strengths and weaknesses, and helps the student to understand which competencies he/she has to develop, by implementing new behaviors, to achieve his/her ideal self.
Materials discussed during the in-class lessons that will be available in the online Competency Platform
Attendance of the 4 in-class seminars and individual assignments through the Competency Platform.
The activities of the Competency Lab will be offered through classroom meetings and online activities.
The in-class seminars adopt interactive and experiential learning approaches such as discussion of video clips, group discussion, presentation and analysis of the feedback related to the activities carried out between one class and the next, discussion with labor market operators, simulations.
The online activities will be supported by a digital learning platform developed by the Competency Centre for Ca' Foscari students (Competency Platform ). Through this platform, each student will have access to a set of additional activities required for the course: i.e., watching a short movie, filling in some questionnaires, completing some exercises, self-reflection activities.
Each edition of the Competency Lab is activated with a maximum number of 30 and a minimum number of 10 participants and requires compulsory ENROLLMENT and ATTENDANCE.

In the academic year 2020/2021 four editions of Competency Labs are provided, in September 2020, November 2020, February 2021 and March 2021.

The dates of the next edition will be published on this page: (section "Modalità di partecipazione e iscrizione").

The enrollment procedure is available on page: .

The attendance at all 4 class meetings and the completion of the proposed activities on the online platform are required for the provision of 3 extracurricular credits (3 CFU), which will be included among supernumerary credits, and for the issuing of the Open Badge “Sot Skills: Self Awareness”.

Prof. Sara Bonesso, e-mail CLASS 1, 2 and 4
Prof. Fabrizio Gerli, e-mail CLASS 3
Ca’ Foscari Competency Centre:;

- the participation is reserved only to master degree students.
- Competency Lab has to be included in the study plan after the attendance of the first seminar.
- Due to the high number of requests of participation, in the event of absence from the first seminar the enrollment to the next editions will be subordinate to the places available. In the event of absence from the subsequent seminars, the students cannot attend the missed seminar in other editions.
- Students who attend the Competency Lab cannot enroll in the course “Emotional Competencies and Individual Development PLM002”.

This subject deals with topics related to the macro-area "Human capital, health, education" and contributes to the achievement of one or more goals of U. N. Agenda for Sustainable Development

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