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2021/2022 Syllabus of previous years
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FT0471 (AF:354105 AR:190644)
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6 out of 12 of ROMANCE PHILOLOGY
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1st Semester
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Introduction to medieval French literature (X-XIII century)
The texts written in northern France between the 10th and 13th centuries represent a literary tradition that acted as a reference model for other medieval literatures, not only Romance (Castilian, Italian etc.) but also Germanic. The course intends to be an introduction to the texts and themes of French feudal culture, conducted through direct reading, translation and commentary on an anthological choice of particularly significant specimens.
- basic knowledge of comparative literature (Romance Middle Ages);
- knowledge of the fundamental theoretical-methodological elements of medieval philology;
- knowledge of the essential elements of the morphosyntactic structure of a medieval Romance language (Old French).
- ability to apply, in concrete and specific cases, the theoretical-methodological tools typical of the comparative analysis of texts belonging to different linguistic identities;
- ability to reflect on the peculiarities of linguistic use in the literary field (Italian and medieval French) through the exercise of translation.
It is not strictly necessary, but it may be useful to have already attended the courses of "Fundamentals of Linguistics" and "Philology Institutions" (and having passed their exams); an elementary knowledge of the Latin language, of Medieval history and Italian literature of the Origins can help a lot.
Introduction to the language and literature in the "langue d'oil": reading of texts, translation and commentary.
M. Zink, "La letteratura francese del Medioevo", Bologna, il Mulino, 1997 (or other edition);
A. Varvaro, "Avviamento alla filologia francese medievale", Roma, NIS/Carocci (or any edition);
The texts to be commented in the lectures will be provided in digital format during the course.
The exam consists of three parts:
(a) the translation of Old French texts (the students are required to present two weeks before the exam the written translation of 7 texts chosen in Varvaro's anthology; they must also be able to translate all the texts read in class);
(b) the contents of the first cycle of exercises;
(c) the analysis of the themes and texts presented in class and in the bibliography.
The exam is oral.
Old French texts will be presented, read and commented according to the traditional ways of text interpretation.
1. "Romance Philology I" is the first part of the course of "Romance Philology" for those who are required to 12 CFU of this discipline; the second part ("Romance Philology II") will be held in the second term.
2. There are personalized programs for students who can not attend classes, which will be given after a personal interview during the hours of students' reception.
3. During the year, a seminar will be organized. It will be open to undergraduates students, to students of the Graduate Program and to anyone interested. It will be dedicated to "Western Encounters with Asia (Late Ancient to Fourteenth Century)". The seminar will be divided into two parts, one per semester; his attendance will entitle any participant to 3 or 6 ECTS of activity equivalent to a Stage. Information on dates and times will be provided in early September 2021.
written and oral
This programme is provisional and there could still be changes in its contents.
Last update of the programme: 28/04/2022