Academic year
2021/2022 Syllabus of previous years
Official course title
Course code
FT0093 (AF:355150 AR:190670)
On campus classes
ECTS credits
6 out of 12 of GEOGRAPHY
Surnames A-L
Degree level
Bachelor's Degree Programme
Educational sector code
2nd Term
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The discipline is included among the basic courses of the Bachelor's degree in History (FT5) and in Literature (FT3). It is part of the study paths examining the development of geographical thinking and highlighting the interactions that, in the course of its epistemological development, has developed with other humanistic disciplines
The expected results consist of:
- in the ability to frame the discipline in the context of the historical evolution of knowledge
- in providing the necessary preparation for an interdisciplinary understanding of reality
- in providing useful skills for teaching the discipline
For the students who hold the 12 credits exam, it is compulsory to have passed Geography I
The course examines:
1) The evolution of the geographical thought
2) Geography and interpretation of reality
3) The interactions between Geography and cultural environment
1)A. Vallega, Geografia culturale, Torino, Utet, 2006. For attending students, chapters 9 and 10 are excluded
2) Educational materials Moodle/ISA

For non-attending students:
A. Vallega, Geografia culturale, Torino, Utet, 2006.
The exam is in written form and includes 3 questions
Frontal lectures with use of video and photographic material
This programme is provisional and there could still be changes in its contents.
Last update of the programme: 21/06/2022