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2021/2022 Syllabus of previous years
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LM5800 (AF:356051 AR:186871)
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Master's Degree Programme (DM270)
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2nd Semester
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The course on linguistic pragmatics is an integral part of the master's program in linguistics. The class will be held in in English language.
According to the objectives of the study program of the master in linguistics, the class aims at acquiring the understanding complex linguistic issues and texts by elaborating on the following abilities:
a) developing the competence in finding out the most important grammatical, lexical and textual elements required to understand the principle underlying natural language discourse
b) developing the competence in executing an argumentative analysis of the content of scientific test;
c) developing the competence in applying the correct terminology in the description of pragmatic phenomena;
d) devoloping the competence in evaluating in a independent way arguments about the contents and competence in presenting these arguments in oral or written form in an appropriate communicative form
Knowledge of the English language as requested by the study program in Linguistics (SL);
In the course the main categories and principles that underly natural discourse are introduced and discussed in detail
in particular, these include:
a) the difference between semantic implication and pragmatic implicature
b) the properties and types of speech acts and their realizatione
c) the presupposition
d) information structure and its realization
e) elements of intercultural pragmatics
didactic material:
Online and written materials will be be provided by the lecturer.

The learning progress of the student is verified on the basis of an oral exam / written exam that tests the comprehension of the various concepts and notions introduced in the course.
(the choice between the written or oral version of the exam depends on the number of students that will attend the course).
Front lectures, questions and discussions.
students that are not attending the class on a regular basis (non-frequentanti) are advised to get in touch with the teacher about the terms of the exam at the beginning of the semester,
crucially not at the end or just before the exam
Definitive programme.
Last update of the programme: 13/07/2021