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The first module of the course Business and Labour Law is designed to provide sound knowledge and understanding of the core aspects of the corporate law to participants. It mainly focuses on topics concerning agency problems, the basic governance of corporations and their fundamental changes, the transactions with their creditors, the related-party transactions, the control transactions and primary aspects of securities market law.
In particular, the students will be provided with an in-depth description of the main legal factors affecting corporations, their organization and their efficient and effective management. At the end of the course students should be able to understand the basic dynamics of governance (for example, they should comprehend articles in economic newspapers or analyse simple law cases).
More specifically, this module aims to focus the following objectives:
1. Knowledge and understanding: the student should acquire the knowledge of the system of normative sources, at both national and EU levels, and shall even understand the main issues of the business law systems.
2. Applied skills of knowledge and understanding: the student shall acquire the ability to apply principles and to analyse the principal controversial aspects of entrepreneurial and company law, also through the analysis of rules and case law.
3. Evaluation: the student shall develop his/her analysis and judgement skills on entrepreneurial and company law, with regard to the ratio and to the interests that are brought into consideration by the law.
4. Communication skills: the student shall acquire the ability to use the lexicon of business law in speaking and writing expressions.
5. Learning skills: the course will help students to develop their learning skills for the prosecution of the graduate formation, by developing their individual study and self-evaluation skills through guided exercises.
Preliminary course: Introduction to Law -
The first module of Business and Labour law will deal with specific topics relevant to coroporate law: t
- the basic governance of corporations
- their fundamental changes
- the transactions with their creditors,
- the related-party transactions,
- the control transactions
- the primary aspects of securities market law.
Kraakman et al., Anatomy of Corporate Law, Oxford, OUP, 2017
Other course materials will be uploaded to Moodle e-learning platform.
The exam consists of 11 multiple choice questions and it will last 40 minutes. For each correct answer the candidate will get 3 points, a penalty of -1 points will be applied for getting an incorrect answer and the lack of answer will get no point. The first two wrong answers will not be counted.
Frontal lectures with teacher-students' interaction.
PowerPoint presentations, slides, videos and any article or paper relevant to the course topics uploaded to the moodle e-learning platform.

This subject deals with topics related to the macro-area "Circular economy, innovation, work" and contributes to the achievement of one or more goals of U. N. Agenda for Sustainable Development

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