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Introduction to Law is a mandatory course of the Degree Program in Economia Aziendale - Business Administration & Management.
The course will provide the students the basic notions of the legal discourse, starting from the most credited theories on the social function of the law, and continuing with its traditional partitions and the essential elements which a legal norm is made of. The course will be centered then on the explanation of the fundamental institutes of private law & the market, such as contracts, property and torts, which will be analyzed in the perspective of Italian law, but with a constant attention to the EU law and to the comparative analysis with the major legal tradition of Europe, both civil and common law traditions.
1. Knowledge and understanding
1.1 Understand the specific characters of a legal norm
1.2 Understand the fundamental partition of law
1.3 Understand the institutional structure and the sources of the EU Law
1.4 Understand the single institutions of private discussed during the course

2. Ability to apply knowledge and understanding
2.1 Know the difference between a legal norm and other socially relevant rules
2.2 Know the different perspectives from which a legal system analyzes the private-to-private relations
2.3 Know how the EU institutions work and which principles and competences govern the legal production in EU
2.4 Individuate the legal norms o the legal systems of norms whose function is to regulate the legal institutions described during the course

3. Judgement
3.1 Interpret legal texts and apply norms to cases
3.2 Identify the pro and cons arguments in a case
3.3 Develop the sensitivity on the legal perspective implied case by case in a concrete situation
3.4 Identify the role of the case law in civil and common law
No prerequisites are required
• Introduction to the concept of law
• The main legal traditions in the international scenario
• Law and Justice
• Rules, principles and legal systems
• European institutions and European law
• Rights and duties
• Goods, property and possession
• Introduction to the study of contracts
We suggest the following reference book:
P. Sirena, Introduction to Private Law, Il Mulino, 2019 - limited to chapters 1,4,5,6,7,8 (only § 6, 6.1, 6.2) and 11.
Please consider that the content of the reference book does not cover the whole programm. Slides and additional materials shall be available online.
The student will be given sample tests in order to prepare for the written exam
The lectures will be taught in class with projection of slides; additional materials will be available online to deepen the contents of the lectures.
The materials of the course and every additional information will be available on the e-learning platform (Moodle). The students can log in with their personal credential at

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