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EM7042 (AF:359591 AR:187047)
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Master's Degree Programme (DM270)
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The course aims to give a concise but exhaustive vision of gender history declined with reference to the pre-industrial age. The attention will focus in particular on the theme of work in the above mentioned period.
The course aims to give a balanced vision of the role of women in work and in particular in entrepreneurship: inside this theme we will try to offer a reflection on the relationship between the female and masculine world inside work environment.
The basic contents given in the three-years teaching of Economic History and History of enterprise are required.
1-Women and work in the pre-industrial age;
2-Family, property, dowry, an overall vision;
3-Women and enterprise from the pre-industrial age up today;
4-Training and education path;
5-The industrial revolution and the change of female society.
Anna Bellavitis, "Il lavoro delle donne nelle città dell'Europa moderna", Roma, Viella, 2016.
- Paola Lanaro, Christophe Austruy (a cura di), "L'arsenale di Venezia: da grande complesso industriale a risorsa patrimoniale", limitatamente al saggio di Paola Lanaro: "Le donne velere nell'Arsenale di Venezia:donne e lavoro operaio in una società pre industriale", Venezia, Marsilio, 2020.
-Alessandro Pescarolo, "Il lavoro delle donne nell'Italia contemporanea", (limitatamente ai capitolo che che verranno indicati durante le lezioni), Roma, Viella, 2019.
During the lessons the students will discuss with the teacher some subjects concerning the course: the exposition of these texts will be part of the final valuation.
The exams will be only in written form, in presence,
This according to the disposition concerning the covid-19.

Any change will be communicated in the notices area "Avvisi" and in moodle space,
Front lessons in Italian and deepening in classroom with the partecipation of experts.
Any change due to covid-19 will be communicated in the notice area "Avvisi" and in the moodle world.
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