Business History

Academic year
2021/2022 Syllabus of previous years
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Business History
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PHD017 (AF:365122 AR:193560)
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Corso di Dottorato (D.M.45)
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4th Term
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The course aims to provide a knowledge of the methods of business history, with a focus on their use in management research. Issues related to the tensions between past and future perspectives, multiple temporalities and rhetorical or strategic uses of the past will be discussed.
Students are expected to learn how the historical method works, why it is different from the methods of social sciences, and how it may supplement the latter.
General knowledge of methods in social sciences.
Basic knowledge of general history.
After introducing the main materials to be used and discussed during the course, the teracher will start presenting for discussion the ongoing debate on historical apoproaches to management research.
All along the course, students will alternate discussing different scholarly perspectives on time, temporality and history from different disciplinary perspectives, in direct relationship with their research projects.
Rowlinson M., Hassard J. & Decker S. 2014, Research Strategies for Organizational History: A Dialogue between Historical Theory and Organization Theory, Academy of Management Review, 39(3): 250-274.

Juliane Reinecke, Roy Suddaby, Ann Langley, and Haridimos Tsoukas (eds.), Time, Temporality, and History in Process Organization Studies, Oxford UP 2020.
Evaluation will be based on student participation (20%), class presentations (30%), and on a final research project (1500-3000 words) discussing the possibility of an historical approach to the managerial research interests of the student, to be previously agreed with the teacher (50%).
Students are required to
1) actively discuss assigned readings that will be presented by the teacher;
2) present assigned articles, books and chapters (the syllabus will be adjusted depending on the number of attending students);
3) prepare and discuss a project with an historical research approach to their specialization in management (final paper).
written and oral

This subject deals with topics related to the macro-area "Circular economy, innovation, work" and contributes to the achievement of one or more goals of U. N. Agenda for Sustainable Development

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