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History of the Artistic Techniques is part of the integrative training activities of the Bachelor's Degree programme in Sciences and technologies of cultural heritage. It aims to set out the general outlines of a history of art read through the evolution of techniques between the Middle Ages and contemporary times, providing the main critical and methodological tools necessary for the knowledge of the most representative artists and the analysis of artworks in their materiality.
- Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the art-historical periodization, knowledge of the main artists, their stylistic orientations, their conception of art, the most relevant historiographical and theoretical sources regarding technical aspects.
- Be able to comment on the works of art examined during the lessons and be able to place them in their context and analyse their formal, material and technical aspects using the tools acquired.
- Be able to explain the multiple aspects of a work of art using precise and adequate terminology, with a clear, coherent and well-articulated level of expression.
- Be able to elaborate, with critical distance, cross-cutting discussions based on the material studied.
No specific prerequisites are required.
The materiality of the work of art understood in its great variety has given rise through the centuries to a multitude of writings, commentaries and debates, experimentations and virtuosities, pitfalls and failures. Through the analysis of a conspicuous selection of pictorial, sculptural and graphic works, as well as the texts that have handed down over time the technical procedures for the transformation of matter, the course outlines the main aspects of the development of various artistic techniques, taking an approach that takes into account the theoretical implications, some social corollaries and the problem of the relationship of artists to the durability of their works over time.
Besides the personal lecture notes and the material available on Moodle, the following text should be studied to prepare for the exam:
Le tecniche artistiche, a cura di C. Maltese, Milano (varie edizioni dal 1973 al 2019).
Tecniche dell’arte, a cura di Sandro Baroni e Micaela Mander, Milano, Mursia, 2021, 2 vol.
The exam consists in the writing of short texts to demonstrate the ability to recognize and comment on the artworks analyzed and the knowledge of the artists and themes dealt with during the course.
Lectures with the use of slides prepared by the teacher.

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