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CT0600 (AF:374022 AR:250588)
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The course objective is to introduce students to the main models and categories of economic analysis so that they can be used to deal with the economic aspects of the production and consumption of art and cultural goods and related policies.
Attendance and active participation in educational activities along with individual study will enable students to achieve results in the following areas:

Knowledge and understanding of the foundations of economic science and the role of the state and the market in modern economies
Knowledge and understanding of the workings of the markets
Knowledge and understanding of the distinction between microeconomic and macroeconomic analysis
Knowledge and understanding of cultural phenomena and cultural policies from an economic perspective
Students should refer to their course plan for any prerequisite.
Basic concepts of economics: efficiency, the State and the market, supply and demand
Foundation of microeconomic analysis: consumer theory, production and technology, equilibrium and market forms
Elements of aggregate economic activity (macroeconomics)
Economics and culture
Samuelson P.A., Nordhaus W.D., Bollino, C.A., ECONOMIA, XXI edizione, 2019. Editore: McGrawHill. Selected chapters.
Francoise Behamou, L’economia della cultura. 2020. Editore: Il Mulino.

The moodle platform will report weakly materials and other updates for the course.

La prova di esame è scritta. (Durata dell'esame circa 60 minuti). Durante la prova scritta non è ammesso l'uso di libri, appunti e supporti elettronici.
Il voto per l’esame INTRODUZIONE ALL'ECONOMIA DELL'ARTE E DELLA CULTURA è unico ed ottenuto dalla media dei voti su modulo I e modulo II.
Il corso si base sull'insegnamento in classe e lezioni frontali.

This subject deals with topics related to the macro-area "Cities, infrastructure and social capital" and contributes to the achievement of one or more goals of U. N. Agenda for Sustainable Development

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