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The course aims to introduce the student to the history of artistic literature, illustrating the main sources of the historical-artistic discipline and the evolution over the centuries of theoretical and critical thought about art.
History of artistic literature II (6 cfu) is the second module of History of artistic literature (12 cfu).
The exam is scheduled among the related or supplementary learning activities of the degree course in Conservation and Management of Cultural Assets and Activities.
- knowledge and understanding: knowledge and understanding of the main preceptistic, theoretical and historiographic texts on art written in the medieval and modern age; knowledge of the specific lexicon of art history and art criticism.
- ability to apply knowledge and understanding: knowledge of how to use the specific vocabulary of the discipline to analyse a text, placing it within its temporal and cultural context.
- judgment ability: capability to elaborate a personal analysis of the texts produced by artists, writers, erudites and amateurs.
- communication skills: knowing how to use an appropriate and specific terminology; to be able to apply a good Italian syntax and grammar.
- learning skills: acquisition of the conceptual and methodological skills necessary for the study of artistic literature; awareness of the evolution of critical judgment about art over the centuries.
The second part of the course assumes knowledge of the topics covered in the first part (History of artistic literature I).
A basic knowledge of art history in its evolution from the second half of the 16th century to the early 19th century is desirable.
The course will examine the evolution of artistic literature and historiography between the second half of the 16th century and the early 19th century, focusing on the main texts and authors.
- Lessons notes

- M. Nezzo, G. Tomasella, Dire l'arte. Percorsi critici dall'Antichità al primo Novecento, Padova 2020 (chapters III - Quattrocento e Cinquecento [only pp. 198-208, 216-226], IV - Seicento and V - Settecento e primo Ottocento, texts included).
- P. Sohm, La critica d'arte del Seicento: Carlo Ridolfi e Marco Boschini, in La pittura nel Veneto. Il Seicento, II, edited by M. Lucco, Milano 2001, pp. 725-756.

Highly recommended reading:
- J. Schlosser Magnino, La letteratura artistica. Manuale delle fonti della storia dell'arte moderna, edited by O. Kurz, Firenze 1964 (or following editions).
The book is available online (https://digi.ub.uni-heidelberg.de/diglit/schlosser1964 ).

Non-attending students
Additional readings:
- La storia delle storie dell’arte, edited by O. Rossi Pinelli, Torino 2014 (only M.B.Failla, Il governo della vista e il primato dell'invenzione, L'inganno dell'occhio e l'artificio barocco; and C. Piva, La Repubblica delle Lettere e il dibattito sul metodo storico).
Assessment will be in the form of a written test (five open-answer questions, max. 120 minutes) on the bibliography and topics covered during the course.
The score for each question ranges from 0 to 6.

Except in special cases, the sequence of exams (History of Art Literature I and II) should be respected.
Frontal lectures with the help of PowerPoint, readings, dialogic interaction with students.
The course uses the university e-learning platform (moodle.unive.it), where teaching materials will be made available.
For any updates or additions, please consult the Moodle page of the course.

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