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2022/2023 Syllabus of previous years
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LM004Z (AF:381872 AR:203818)
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Master's Degree Programme (DM270)
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2nd Semester
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A part of the Master's Degree Programmes in European, American and Postcolonial Language and Literature and Language Sciences, this course is intended for students interested in acquiring a detailed knowledge of the cultural and literary history of South Slavic area in the 19-20th century through the travel writings of Bosnian, Croatian and Serbs.
At the end of the course the student will know how to:
- correctly use the philological and historical-cultural terminology in the main areas in which the teaching is organized;
- orientate oneself in the critical debate on studied topics, in order then to formulate hypotheses on various issues of the discipline;
- communicate the contents of the course in a clear and technically adequate manner, using the register relevant to the communicative situation;
Basic knowledge of European history of the 19-20th century and geography of the Balkans.
The course aims to offer an in-depth knowledge of the Serbian odeporic literature along two centuries of history (seventies of the eighteenth century - eighties of the twentieth century) through the analysis of the selected texts.
D. Obradović, Vita e avventure, a cura di M.R. Leto, Lecce, Argo, 2007.
Lj. P. Nenadović, Lettere dall'Italia, introduzione e traduzione di Franjo Trogrančić, Roma, Centro editoriale internazionale, 1958.

I. Andrić, In volo sopra il mare e altre storie di viaggio, trad. E. Copetti, Udine, Bottega Errante Edizioni, 2018.
B. Pekić, Sabrana pisma iz tuđine, Beograd, Službeni glasnik, 2012.

B. Mitrović, M. Mitrović, Storia della cultura e della letteratura serba, Lecce, Argo, 2015, pp. 109-183.

The knowledge assessment takes place through an oral test that lasts 20-30 minutes. During the test the student must demonstrate knowledge of the topics covered during the course and know how to present them in a formal way. The constant and active participation in the lessons is positively evaluated.
Lectures and seminars with guest lecturers.
Non-attending students are invited to contact the professor.
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