Academic year
2022/2023 Syllabus of previous years
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LM001U (AF:391428 AR:208110)
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ECTS credits
6 out of 12 of POLISH LITERATURE
Degree level
Master's Degree Programme (DM270)
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2nd Semester
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The course is a part of the Master's Degree Programmes in European, American and Postcolonial Language and Literature and Language Sciences. The course provide knowledge nad understanding of Polish literature after 1956.
Polish literature after 1956: authors and works, themes, history.

Knowledge and understanding
Knowledge and understanding of the literary history of the Polish XXth century.
Knowledge and understanding of the studied works.
Knowledge of the literary phenomena and contextualization within the framework of the society that produced them.

Applying knowledge and understanding
Understanding the issues, the evolutionary lines of the period examined.
Understanding a literary text and be able to use critical and methodological tools to analyze it.

Making judgments
Be able to evaluate and reflect on author, themes and texts treated.

Communication skills
Be able to describe with terminological precision literary phenomena treated and know how to present them with adequate communication skills.

Learning ability
Be able to develop specific methodological tools in the study of the various materials.
Be able to critically consult books and references contained in them.

Knowledge of Polish language (B2) and literature.
Polish literature after 1956: authors and works, themes, history. Various critical methodologies will be presented in order to allow students to consolidate analytical and philological skills in relation to the literary texts examined.
Testi e materiali distribuiti durante le lezioni.
1989-2009. LA NOSTRA POLONIA, "pl.it. Rassegna editoriale di argomenti polacchi", Lithos, Roma 2009
"Polska do wymiany", Przemysław Czaplinski, WAB, Warszawa 2009.
"Kulturowa teoria literatury. Główne pojęcia i problemy", red. M.P.Markowski, R. Nycz, Universitas, Kraków 2012.
"Kulturowa teoria literatury 2. Poetyki, problematyki, interpretacja", red. R. Nycz, T. Walas, Universitas, Kraków 2012.
- un testo a scelta tra le opere di: Cz. Miłosz, H. Grudzinski, J. Stryjkowski, St. Lem, R. Kapuscinski, P. Huelle, A. Stasiuk, O. Tokarczuk;
- un'opera a scelta di Sł. Mrozek e W. Gombrowicz
- dieci poesie a scelta, in totale, dei seguenti autori: Cz. Milosz, T. Rozewicz, Z. Herbert, W. Szymborska
- tre autori a scelta dall'antologia "Inattese vertigini. Antologia della poesia polacca dopo il 1989", a cura di Alessandro Amenta e Lorenzo Costantino, Forum, Udine 2010

The exam will consist in a paper and in a discussion on the issues of the course and on the bibliography. Students will have to show their ability to make a critical comment.
Lessons, lectures, seminars.
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