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Master's Degree Programme (DM270)
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1st Semester
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The course of Albanian Language - Language and Translation is among the characterizing teachings of the courses of study in "European, American and Postcolonial Language and Literature" and "Language Sciences". It consists of a teacher module and language support classes. It aims: a) to develop advanced skills (at C1 level of the European Common framework) in the field of Albanian literary language; b) to deepen and widen the study of complex sentence structures; c) to improve translation techniques from Albanian to Italian and vice versa.

1. Knowledge and understanding
Understanding and properly formulating speeches in Albanian language on complex and articulate issues.
Reading and understanding complex texts of various types.
Writing correctly in Albanian language texts of various types.
Understanding an Albanian language text and to be able to translating it.

2. Applying knowledge and understanding
Acquiring the ability to understand and produce all kinds of oral and written text and place it in the correct cultural context.
Knowing how to interact in Albanian language in formal and informal situations, recognizing the diversity of the linguistic register.
Acquiring the ability to translate into Italian texts of different type.

3. Making judgments
Be able to develop the ability to assess the linguistic data; retrieve and use the bibliographical sources; develop the ability to translate from Albanian language into Italian and vice versa. Being able to recognize the code of expression of texts written in Albanian.

4. Communication skills
Being able to communicate in a clear and structured Albanian language, using a terminology appropriate to the communicative context.
Being able to interact with peers and with the teacher.
Being able to apply the communicative skills acquired during the courses.

5. Learning skills
Being able to carry out further studies and research.
Knowing how to use the technological tools to select the appropriate literature sources. Knowing how to update the knowledge.
Being able to critically consult reference books.
The study of this module requires advanced knowledge of the Albanian Language (at B2 level of the common European framework.
The teaching module is based on theoretical lessons in Albanian language. It includes the study of complex sentences and subordinate clauses: subjunctives, modals, relatives, interrogatives, conditionals, (Albanian Language - Language and Translation 1) and translation practices (Albanian Language - Language and Translation 2) to allow students to reach articulated and specialized knowledge.

Language exercises (divided by annuities) will help students achieve a fluid understanding of the Albanian language, both written and oral, through the exercise of the conversation and translation.

Bahri Beci "Gramatika e gjuhës shqipe pë të gjithë", Camaj-Pipa, Shkodër 2000.
Halil Myrto "Parlo albanese", Adriatica Editrice Salentina, Lecce 2000.
Gjovalin Shkurtaj -Enver Hysa "Gjuha shqipe për të huajt dhe shqiptaret jashtë atdheut", Toena, Tirana, 2000
Giuseppina Turano "Introduzione alla grammatica albanese", Alinea, Firenze 2004.
Martin Camaj "Grammatica albanese", Brenner, Cosenza 1995
The methods to be adopted to ensure that the objectives have been achieved are written (grammar test and translation) and oral tests, both compulsory. Both serve to verify the level of theoretical and practical preparation in the Albanian language.

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Blended course materials on Moodle.
Lessons are held in Albanian.
written and oral

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