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2022/2023 Syllabus of previous years
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CT0623 (AF:397661 AR:213557)
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Bachelor's Degree Programme
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1st Semester
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The course is strongly recommended to students who have mandatory additional credits (OFA), i.e. students who didn't reach the 17-threshold in the admission test TOLC-I ( ). The course is open and suggested to students without OFA that want to review basic mathematics concepts before starting Environmental Sciences lessons.

The purpose of the course is to review basic math skills addressed during the first 3-4 years of the secondary schools, in order to complete successfully activities of the first year and to pass the test TOLC-I (as a reference, see the math sections in the TOLC-I Syllabus ).

Representative excercises, took also from past tests, will be analyzed and solved.
Knowledge and understanding
- Properties of numbers (natural, integer, rational, real) and of operations;
- Principles for solving polynomial, exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric, irrational equations and inequalities;
- Properties of elementary functions.

Applying knowledge
- Handling of expressions with power elevation, exponential, logarithm, trigonometric functions;
- Solving polynomial, exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric, irrational equations and inequalities equations and inequalities;
- Plotting graph of elementary functions.

Evaluation ability
- Self evaluation of own preparation through tests.
Basic math skills addressed at the secondary school (e.g. see math sections in the Syllabus TOLC-I ).

-Properties and operations with numbers (natural, integer, rational, real);
-Absolute value;
-Power of a number, root;
-Logarithm and exponential;
-Linear and second order equations and inequalities;
-Equations and inequalities with ratio and powers;
-Equations and inequalities with exponential and logarithm.


-Cartesian coordinate system ;
-Definition of function;
-Linear and second grade functions
-Elementary functions (power law, logarithm, exponential, etc.).


-Properties and graph of sine, cosine and tangent functions.
Course material provided through the moodle platform:
This course doesn't have final exam. Students with OFA (i.e. students who have not passed the admission test) must repeat the test TOLC-I.
- Front and online lectures;
- Exercise sessions (online and in class);
- Exercise sessions using smartphone applications allowing student-teacher interactions;
- Self-evaluation tests in moodle online learning platform.
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