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(1) From Latin to Romance languages: linguistic change and writing (12 hours)
One of the fundamental themes concerning the textual culture of the Romance languages ​​in the Middle Ages is the historical-cultural dynamics thanks to which from the century IX onwards, the transformation of spoken Latin into distinct oral expressions emerged in writing, involving both the documents necessary for daily life and the production of literary texts. These introductory lessons intend to offer preliminary information on the subject, through the analysis of some particularly significant texts, written between the 1st and 10th c.
(2) Linguistic introduction to Old French (18 hours)
Thanks to a guided reading of some Old French texts , students will be introduced to the knowledge of the basic phonetic and morpho-syntactic elements of Old French. The lessons are preparatory to the private translation exercise foreseen at the end of the tutorials.
(1) and (2) are an integral part of the "Romance Philology I" course, and their evaluation is preliminary to taking the course exam.
- basic knowledge of historical Romance linguistics;
- knowledge of the essential elements of the morphosyntactic structure of medieval Romance languages compared to Latin;
- ability to apply the theoretical-methodological tools of comparative analysis on specific texts belonging to different linguistic identities;
- ability to reflect on the peculiarities of linguistic use in the literary field through the exercise of translation.
- knowledge of Italian grammar (such as Romance grammar);
- basic knowledge of Latin language.
Linguistic and cultural analysis of texts written in Latin and Old French: study of phonetic (Old French) and morphosyntactic (Latin, Old French) structures; analysis of the cultural contents of the texts.
(1) Laura Minervini, Filologia romanza. 2. Linguistica, Firenze-Milano, Le Monnier-Mondadori Educational, 2022:
Informed reading: chapts. 1, 4
Study: chapts. 2, 3 (§§1-2), 5-6, 7 (§1)
(2) A. Varvaro, Avviamento alla filologia francese medievale, Roma, NIS/Carocci (qualsiasi edizione)
Lettura informata: introduzione
(3) Texts in digital format, available on the Moodle page of the Tutorials.
Texts (1) and (2) are exam texts.
The verification of learning of the Tutorials' contents will be in an oral interview; fifteen days before its exam the students are required to deliver the Italian translation of four texts chosen from Varvaro, Avviamento alla filologia francese medievale. The positive outcome of the exam is preliminary to the tests of Romance Philology I and II; his mark will be included in the average of the two subsequent tests.
The linguistic and textual analysis will be carried out according to the usual and traditional ways, with the support of digitized material.
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