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2023/2024 Syllabus of previous years
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FM0040 (AF:444454 AR:252408)
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Master's Degree Programme (DM270)
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1st Semester
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The teaching falls within the basic teachings of the master's degree course in History from the Middle Ages to the contemporary age and it aims to provide students with the first methodological tools in the historical documentary field.
Frequency and / or personal study allow students to acquire a thorough knowledge of the different types of documentary sources that can be use in historical research within the Veneto region; he has furthemore an advanced knowledge of the methodological and practical problems related to the use of different historical sources; he knows the techniques of editing and analyzing the sources of textual and material nature and know show to conduct comparative analyzes of different types of documents.
The student should have a basic knowledge of the Latin language.
The course analyzes the characteristics and salient moments of documentation of the Veneto region in Middle Ages, with particular regard to the organization and to the chancellery and notarial production of the Duchy of Venice and of the cities of the hinterland. The investigation is conducted with the help of public and privat written sources.
Students attending: A. Pratesi, Genesi e forme del documento medievale, Roma, Jouvence, 1979 and later editions. Course notes. F. Steffens, Paleographie latine, Roma, Multigrafica 1982 (http://www.icar.beniculturali.it/biblio/_view_volume.asp?ID_VOLUME=51 ).

Students not attending: A. Pratesi, Genesi e forme del documento medievale, Roma, Jouvence, 1979 ed edizioni successive. F. Steffens, Paleographie latine, Roma, Multigrafica 1982 (http://www.icar.beniculturali.it/biblio/_view_volume.asp?ID_VOLUME=51 ). A. Bartoli Langeli, Documentazione e notariato, in Storia di Venezia, I, Roma, Istituto della Enciclopedia italiana, 1992, pp. 847-864. M. Pozza, La cancelleria, in Storia di Venezia, II, Roma 1995, pp. 349-369: M. Pozza, La cancelleria, in Storia di Venezia, III, Roma 1997, pp. 365-387. M. Pozza, Scrittura, diplomatica, notariato a Venezia, in L'Héritage byzantin en Italie (VIII-XII siècle), I, La fabrique documentaire, par J.-M. Martin, A.Peters-Custot et V. Prigent, Rome 2011, pp. 151-168.
The exam is done through an oral exam. During the oral examination the student must demonstrate knowledge of the arguments put forward during the course and knowing to expose formally.
Frontal course. Six hours of lessons weekly for five weeks. Attendance is recommended, although not mandatory.
Ca' Foscari applies the Italian law (law 17/1999; law 170/2010) for support services and accomodation for students with disabilities or specific learning disabilities. If you have a motor, visual, hearing disability or other disability (law 17/1999) or a specific learnig disorder (law 170/2010) and request support (classroom assistance, technological aids for conducting exams or individualized exams, accessible material, notes recovery, specialistic tutoring to support the study, interpreters or other) contact the Disability and DSA office disabilita@unive.it.
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