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LT005T (AF:451864 AR:247030)
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The emphasis in this course is on giving the students a reasonable grounding in the basics of Persian writing, phonology and grammar, and introduce them to a range of non-technical vocabulary by way of reading simple texts. The syllabus includes also a description of different transliteration systems, learning tools, and training on the use of Persian Dictionaries, data-base and Encyclopaedias.
At the end of the course the student must have acquired all the basic alphabetical, phonetic and morphological structures for reading, transliterating and understanding an elementary text in Persian and to be able to translate very simple sentences from Italian to Persian. Through the language tutorials, at the end of the course he/she must be able to support a simple conversation expressing the 'taarof', describing him/herself, his/her family, and providing basic information on his/her studies.
There are no entry qualifications for this course.
This course is intended for those students who wish to learn the basics of the Persian grammar and acquire enough vocabulary to be able, with the aid of a dictionary, to read very basic modern texts and conduct basic natural everyday conversation. Emphasis is put on writing and reading language skills.
D. Meneghini - P. Orsatti, Corso di lingua persiana, Hoepli editore, Milano, 2012
Dr. Mehnaz 'Aksari, Vazhe-amuzi-ye zaban-e farsi (sath-e moqaddamati), Konun-e zaban-e Iran, 1385.
Grammar test; transcription and translation from Persian into Italian of a simple prose text. Reading, speaking and writing test by the CEL.
Lectures, improve linguistic skills of oral and written comprehension and communication. 60 hours with a tutor.
Native Persian-speaking students are advised that the written tests are also compulsory for them (test, translation and transcription) and that they must be written according to the grammar criteria set out in the Corso di lingua persiana.
written and oral
Definitive programme.
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