Adjunct professor: Università Ca' Foscari (da 2018 al presente), Storia dell'America Latina. Scienze del Linguaggo: Inglese Settoriale - English for Social Studies; Academic Writing seminars (Treviso), English for Business and Economics, English for Development and Tourism.

Università degli Studi di Padova, English and US GB civilisation, English apaplied to intercultural negotiationsm and to the Social Sciences, Conferences on US Politics and Relgion (collaborator da 2018 al presente)

Università degli Studi di Trieste, Studi Internazionali e Diplomatici di Gorizia, English for Business, the Anglo Saxon workplace, Angli Saxon politics and the language of diplomacy, conferences and course  (as of 2010)

Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po), 1987-2016: "Maitre de Conférences" Dipartiment of Modern Languages and Civilisations, and Department of Urban Science. English for political and social sciences. Internal pubications: l'Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris: Textbook e raccolte: "Moral Paradoxes in America: Past and Present Trends"; "Urban America: A Changing Landscape". Engish applied to the multicultural workplace, the social aspects of Urbanism and electoral patterns. 

French Foreign Affairs MInistry, Université de Paris-Sorbonne (12 years), Université de Paris II Assas (English for legal purposes), Université de Paris-Dauphine (economic English), Insitut Catholique ISIT translation and interpretation, other French instituts and "grandes écoles".

TEACHING AND CONFERENCES IN ITALIAN UNIVERSITIES: 2005 to 2021 : Univerità Ca' Foscari Venezia and Treviso, Università di Trieste (Trieste and Gorizia), Padova, Bergamo, Trento, Milano e Genova: The language of diplomacy and propaganda, religion and US politics, the First Amendment and freedom of expression, Human Rights, American ethic groups and notions of race.

EDUCATION AND DEGREES: Doctorat du 3ème Cycle (Dottorato di Ricerca) Université de Paris-Sorbonne (1984): Steinbeck and Social Issues of the post-war Era in America;  DEA (diploma pre-tesi del terzo ciclo) Italian Immigration in America and social issues; Maitrise de Litterature Comparée (Paris-Sorbonne); Licence d'Enseignement. USA: Master'sDegree in Modern Languages (New York University, New York e Parigi). BA French and Italian.

Fields of research: Human Rights, new intepretations of the First Amendment and Freedom of expression, Religion and US Politics.