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Department of Philosophy and Cultural Heritage
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Graduated with prof. Paolo Pagani with a thesis in Analytic Philosophy, concerning a particular study of the existential quantifier in first order logic with identity. He collaborates with Professor Paolo Pagani within the research of the CISE. He completed the credits of History for the High School teaching attesting, through exams, his interests in Military History of the Medieval and Modern Age. Teacher of Philosophy and History in the province of Vicenza, Belluno and Trento. Trainer in the field of sales strategies. Passionate about Modal and Probabilistic Logic; Proof Theory; Philosophy of Mathematics; issues related to Rational Choice Theory and Game Theory. He received a Master's degree in Mathematics from the University of Brescia with a thesis in Bayesian Statistics. This Master's degree awarded him 60 cfu in SSD such as Algebra, Mathematical Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Geometry, Probability and Statistics. He worked for fifteen years as a clerk in the commercial field and as a trainer in the field of sales strategies. Responsible and / or provider of several courses of Logic carried out in high schools, aimed at teaching the basics of mathematical logic and the theoretical understanding of some types of questions in the University Admission Tests. Currently, he also collaborates on a research project concerning probability theory, under the supervision of Professor Enrico Jabara.