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Department of Environmental Sciences, Informatics and Statistics

I am an enthusiastic ecologist with a robust multidisciplinary background. My current research interests primarily focus on two interconnected research areas: one centered on the analysis of socio-ecological complex systems with a particular focus on the multilayered relationships between ecosystem structure and ecosystem services, and the other centered on the psychophysiological and cognitive effects of experiences in natural environments that relate to Biophilia, connectedness to Nature and Pro-environmental Behavior.
I combine classic ecological methodologies with innovative approaches derived from complex systems science, remote sensing & GIS, artificial intelligence, as well as interdisciplinary tools that encompass ecopsychology and cognitive neuroscience.
I actively practice and advocate for teaching methodologies aligned with the Universal Design for Learning, emphasizing outdoor and experience-based educational settings.

Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences
Master in Psychophysiology and Cognitive Neurosciences
Certificate in anthropo-psychopedagogical disciplines and in didactic methodologies and technologies ("24 CFU", DM 616/17)
Master’s Degree in Environmental Sciences
Bachelor's Degree in Biological Sciences