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Annullamento ricevimento 23/04/2021

Published on 20/04/2021

Gentili studentesse e gentili studenti, si avvisa che ricevimento in data venerdì 23 aprile è sospeso, poiché sarò impegnato a un convegno internazionale a Lisbona(on-line). Il ricevimento riprenderà regolarmente la settimana successiva sempre negli orari previsti, previa prenotazione email. Cordialmente


DIGITAL AND PUBLIC ART MOD.2 - [FM0495-2] VENEZIA (175904): Calendar of activities

Published on 27/03/2021

Calendar of activities

A) Art and the public, Art going public

  1. 31/3: What is art? Who is the public?
  2. 1/4: What is public art?
  3. 7/4: Site specific, context specific and relational art
  4. 8/4: Debate: making art public


B) Art museums, digitisation and public programs

  1. 9/4: Shifting display practices in the real world and in the digital realm
  2. 14/4: The digital future of art museums: scholarly opinions
  3. 15/4: Digitization of contemporary art museums: Venice as a case study
  4. 16/4: Exercises: analysing a museum website and its public programs


C) Archives, datasets and the market

  1. 21/4: Archival impulse in contemporary art > Foster 2004, Bourriaud
  2. 28/4: Artist archives and estates
  3. 29/4: Art market, digitized images and data analytics 
  4. 30/4: Exercises: catalogs and FileMaker 


D) Focus on practical issues 

  1. 5/5: FOCUS 1: Public Art and environmental engagement > Art for sustainability 
  2. 6/5: FOCUS 2: Proposing a database solution > Galleria Spada
  3. 7/5: DISCUSSION: Paper presentations
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