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Published on 05/08/2022

Ricevo e segnalo:

The Doctoral Program in Buddhist Studies at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich, Germany, invites applications for two PhD scholarships for dissertation projects related to Buddhism.

Deadline for applications: October 25th, 2022
Start of scholarship: Spring 2023
Duration of scholarship: Up to 4 years
Scholarship amount: € 1,200 per month + insurance + support for rent + € 230-460 per year (research allowance) + lump sum for travel + family allowance
Scholarship donor: German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) 

The selection process comprises two stages: Applications are sent to the Doctoral Program in Buddhist Studies in Munich. The program will select promising candidates, who then have to submit their materials to the DAAD. Subsequently, the DAAD decides upon the successful candidates. It is expected that the successful candidates will be chosen and informed by March 2023.

The prerequisites for application are non-German citizenship, a Master of Arts or Magister Artium degree or equivalent in a relevant field, excellent knowledge of at least one Buddhist source language, outstanding qualifications in the subject, and fluency in English. A basic knowledge of German is also desirable, though not a prerequisite, but, depending on the dissertation project, willingness to learn German/improve German language skills will be expected. Applicants must not have lived in Germany for more than 15 months at the time of the submission of their materials to the DAAD, which will most probably take place in December 2022, and the last final exam must have taken place no more than six years before this date. 

For further details concerning the application, please visit our homepage:


Published on 04/08/2022

Si fa presente agli studenti che i programmi e le modalità d'esame di "Letteratura giapponese 2" per l'appello di settembre 2022 saranno gli stessi delle precedenti sessioni d'esame dell'a.a. 2021/22.

ATTENZIONE: I programmi e le modalità attualmente visibili nella pagina del docente sono già quelli relativi all'a.a. 2022/23.

I programmi dell'a.a. 21/22 si possono visualizzare a questo link:

- "Letteratura giapponese 2":

Published on 26/07/2022

Ricevo e segnalo:

The Digital Arts/Games Design Division at Brunel University, London welcomes PhD applicants via the fully-funded Techne AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership.


Techne “supports outstanding students pursuing the ‘craft’ of research through innovative, interdisciplinary and creative approaches across the range of the arts and humanities” (


Applications are welcomed via the Games Research team at Brunel University, London ( 


We are looking for outstanding applicants seeking to develop theoretical and empirical research in a wide range of topics relating to digital games, including the history of gaming, equity, diversity, and inclusion, applied and serious games, media and cultural studies, games and history, heritage, and tourism, the anthropology of play and players, games theory and aesthetics, game art and ludomusicology, interdisciplinary games-driven projects, game-based learning, cinematic games and production studies, player experience, mixed reality games design and interactive narrative design (


Successful candidates will have a chance to contribute to a developing research hub enjoying strong connections with the games industry and academic and advocacy networks, with further plans to set up a formal research centre and a state-of-the-art lab for critical and experimental games analysis.


For expressions of interest and more information please contact: 

Dr Marco Benoît Carbone (Lecturer Intercultural Studies & Research Lead, Digital Arts) ( & Professor Michael Wayne – (Professor in Media & Techne Convenor) (


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