ADiSS - Welcome Unit

ADiSS - International Office
Ca' Foscari - Dorsoduro 3246, Calle Larga Foscari, 30123 Venezia - Map
Unit Coordinator
 041 234 7016

Macro activity:

Management of selection and mobility procedures for students of the DJD programmes.

  • Coordinating with the relevant offices (Departments, Campuses, Enrollment Unit, Student Administration BA and MA)
  • Publication and advertising of the Call for Applications for outgoing students
  • Management of scholarships for outgoing students
  • Handling of the relevant mobility procedures for incoming and outgoing students
  • Identification of international partners according to qualitative and geopolitical criteria
  • Organization of welcoming events
  • Support in the activation of new agreements in collaboration with the Educational Programmes Unit

Management of mobility procedures for students from international partner institutions who spend a period at Ca’ Foscari in the framework of mobility programmes.

  • Information on application/enrollment process and welcoming services
  • Organization of welcoming events
  • Communication with partner institutions about future incoming students (nominations) in the management of the DJD procedures
  • Issuance of the Final Transcript of Records at the end of the mobility period
  • Issuance of Certificates confirming the study period
  • Assistance in filling out Learning Agreements

Support and assistance to students, professors, international staff and guests about entry and stay procedures

  • Administrative assistance (personal account, WiFi, library/canteen access…)
  • Information on the public transportation services
  • Information on how to register to the Italian National Health System
  • Issuance of the official fiscal code, in collaboration with the Italian Tax Agency (Agenzia delle Entrate)
  • Support and assistance with the issuance of the Italian visa, in collaboration with the Italian diplomatic authorities and the Prefecture
  • Support and assistance in the issuance and renewal of the Italian residence permit, in collaboration with the local Immigration Office and the Prefecture

Admission and enrollment procedures for students with international entry qualifications

  • Communication with the Italian diplomatic authorities (Embassies/Consulates) about the pre-enrolment procedure on Universitaly: a portal for non-EU students requiring an entry visa for study purposes
  • Management of the enrollment procedure for international students
  • Recognition of academic qualifications in order to receive an equivalent Italian one
  • Information about Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes, University services and support measures
  • Pre-evaluation of the international entry qualifications (with the help of CIMEA and other ENIC-NARIC centers) and check of the minimum curricular requirements in cooperation with the relevant Departments
  • Organization of welcoming events
  • Support in the application submission on the dedicated portal


  • Management of the CRUI scholarships for selected students
  • Information and support in the application for the European Qualification Passport for refugees (EQPR - designed by the European Commission) in collaboration with CIMEA
  • Management of the CRUI scholarships for selected students
  • Information about University services