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Ca’ Foscari is highly committed in achieving excellence in research, developing international partnerships and funding promising researchers. Our Teams will enforce this engagement by promoting an interdisciplinary approach to research.

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"Un approccio alle connessioni fra natura, arte e matematica"
(An Approach to Connections between Nature, Mathematics, and the Arts)

25 June 2019, 10-11.30 am
Ca’ Bottacin (sede ECLT), Dorsoduro 3911, Calle Crosera, Venice

With Maria Mannone, Theoretical physics, PhD in Composition
Dept. of Mathematics and Informatics, Università di Palermo

Best practice and circular economy

Esempi virtuosi di finanziamenti europei e regionali

31 maggio 2019, h 9.00 
Campus scientifico via Torino, Mestre