A glimpse into the life of Marco Polo

A Ca' Foscari research team has recently discovered a previously unknown record that adds an important piece of the puzzle to our current knowledge of the Venetian explorer’s life and his connections to local religious orders

A scientific retreat to study the Belt&Road and its socio-ecological impact

A group of distinguished international scholars, led by Ca' Foscari sinologist Daniele Brombal, came together for an innovative study retreat in the Cansiglio woods, with the goal of examining the social and environmental repercussions of the BRI from different perspectives.

Green Chemistry, Fabio Aricò awarded at the IUPAC World Congress

The prestigious award was conferred in recognition of Professor Aricò’s achievements in employing dialkyl carbonates in biorefinery and bio-based platform chemicals development via chlorine-free chemistry.

Kepler's supernova and climate policies: Marie Curie record rises to 20

Thanks to their Global Fellowships, Matteo Cosci and Marinella Davide will spend the next two years carrying out their research projects in the United States.

Rush to air conditioning pushed by urbanization and climate change

A new study, led by Ca' Foscari professor Enrica De Cian, has analyzed the dynamics that lead families to resort to air conditioning systems and thermal insulation for their houses. 

The 'Montalcini' program: Caterina Tarlazzi chooses Ca' Foscari

The Medieval Philosophy historian will become a Ca' Foscari researcher starting from 2020. The call for the next edition of the program is open until July 18, 2019. 

2026 Winter Olympics, Ca’ Foscari analyzed the economic impact

Over 1 billion euros in expenses and investments  and and about 14.000 new jobs - these are the estimated numbers for the Milan-Cortina 2026 Winter Olympics, according to a Ca' Foscari study. 

More energy needed to cope with climate change

A new study published today in Nature Communications found that by mid-century climate change will increase the demand for energy globally

The epic search for the oldest ice in Antarctica has started

The aim of the 'Beyond EPICA Oldest Ice Core' initiative is to drill and collect ice samples from up to 1.5 Million years ago in Antarctica, to find out more about greenhouse gases in the Mid-Pleistocene Transition.