Polluted woods: leaves contaminate soil with hydrocarbon

Research at Ca' Foscari shows the limits of Italian legislation and offers alternatives that would improve the evaluation of clearing the land.

“Life on Titan? With my molecules it is possible"

Could there be life on Titan? Manuela Facchin, PhD candidate and post-doc at Ca’ Foscari, synthesized new molecules that can self-assemble creating structures similar to cells but in oil instead of water.

Introducing ‘Pepper’, receptionist 4.0

Robotics and artificial intelligence are the foundations of the ongoing 4.0 revolution that is transforming the economy, including the tourism industry. In Italy the first research project was promoted by the Department of Management at Ca' Foscari in collaboration with the CISET.

#neocafoscarini: Serena Trucchi from the job market to San Giobbe

Ca' Foscari takes part of the meetings between universities and young economists in London where Serena Trucchi, at the time researcher at UCL, was found to become a researcher in Venice.

Scientific expedition at Rapa Nui for past reconstruction

Dario Battistel coordinates a project with an international multidisciplinary team to study the environmental and cultural history of the island.

Shipwrecks in 3D: underwater archaeologists from Ca’ Foscari tested technological revolution

Maritime archaeologist and professor at Ca' Foscari lead a team using special software to transform the pictures taken underwater in detailed three-dimensional models making maritime excavations become faster, safer and more efficient.

Curing Zirconia: nanotech firm buys Ca’ Foscari’s patent

Mesoporous zirconium nanoparticles which can deliver diagnosis and cures for specific illnesses were synthesized and developed by researchers at Ca' Foscari sold a patent to a nanotech firm specialized in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

The erosion process in the Lagoon of Venice measured

A study was just published on PLOSONE by an international team of researchers investigating and shedding light on the morphodynamics of the waterway in the Lagoon of Venice through field research and remote sensing.

Bioplastic from urban waste, Ca’ Foscari in the Res Urbis project

Transforming urban waste in bioplastic. This was the goal of scientists from four Italian universities including Ca’ Foscari in the research project Res Urbis (REsources from URban BIo-waSte) part of the Horizon 2020 program of the European Commission.