The elderly: different countries, different assistance

Europeans are living longer and longer, but the number of inequalities in health conditions is increasing, especially among elderly people. This context greatly contributed to increase the importance of both economic and social services addressed to the elderly, especially in terms of public “long-term care”.

SPIN call for post-doc research grants, a stairway to EU funding

Ca’ Foscari University of Venice supports and promotes international research attracting the best international talents

China: more eco-friendly, but little attention paid to social impacts

An evaluation on territorial planning highlights the obstacles to sustainable development and suggests a more inclusive approach. Study published on Environmental Science & Policy.

SIGN-HUB, the European Research Project on Sign Language

For the first time Italian sign language (LIS), together with other European sign languages will have a complete grammatical reference system that will describe all linguistic phenomena.

Archeology: in Armenia in search of the stones of the Dragon

Ancient medieval legends tell us of how the peaks of the American mountains were populated by giant dragons, semi-god beings who had the task of guarding the sacred springs, and perhaps personified in megalithic steles decorated in important places in high altitude pastures, between 2,000 and 3,000 metres.

One of the most advanced databases at Ca’ Foscari reveals the secrets of cuneiform writing

A combination of new technologies and ancient scripts, from digital and research to databases and clay tablets, at Ca’ Foscari an avant-garde team applies digital methods for the study of the oldest written sources in the world.

Iodine atmospheric concentration, significant increase in the last 50 years

Atmospheric iodine levels since 1760 reconstructed and explained: the increase could have an impact on ultrafine aerosol formation and climate change.

Biomolecular engineers developed versatile antibodies to solve reverse inflammatory diseases

Developed new generation of antibodies that reversed chronic inflammation: results published on Nature Communications.

It is possible to predict the stock market indices by ‘reading’ millions of tweets

The analysis of tweets can predict changes in the volatility of equity markets. This is revealed by research conducted by the Centre for Experimental Research in Management and Economics at Ca’ Foscari in collaboration with GAM.