8 ambitious projects and 2 new women researchers thanks to SPIN

Here are the names of the first 8 winner of the Ca' Foscari 'Supporting principal investigator' grant, an initiative which awarded 552.000 euros to support research. 

'Fixing' Artificial Intelligence, a European monitoring unit in Venice

Is artificial intelligence as 'intelligent' as we think? Can it be ethical and safe? The European project AIE4u will answer these and other questions on technology.

Stefania Bernini for #womeninresearch: immigration, family and society

Stefania Bernini, contemporary historian, studies large-scale social, political and cultural phenomena, through the lens of 'family'

Filming atoms to revolutionize technology. New ERC at Ca’ Foscari

Physicist and Erc grantee Stefano Bonetti splits his time between Sweden and Italy to study magnetism, employing cutting-edge technologies

How do poles communicate?

Ca' Foscari Professor Barbara Stenni appeared in 'Nature' with a study that shows the 'two-speed' effects of the Gulf Stream on Antarctica's climate. Another piece of the puzzle to understand future scenarios.

Suzana Blesić for #womeninresearch: statistical physics and climate data

Suzana Blesić, Marie Curie Fellow at Ca’ Foscari, talks about her project CLARITY and how a statistical physicist ended up researching climate data in Venice.

Cristina Cavinato for #womeninresearch: turning waste into resource

Turning everyday waste into energy and valuable materials: this scientist tells us how she's doing it.

Cicero’s masters and Rhodes’ cultural legacy

Thomas Coward, Marie Curie Fellow at Ca' Foscari, tells us about the important role of Rhodes as a training center in Greco-Roman culture.

The ‘Heritage Scientist’ shares the culture of conservation

How do we build a culture of heritage conservation and who is the professional figure that can handle it? We asked professor Elisabetta Zendri.