A museum in the former monastery of Ayia Napa in Cyprus

The ancient Venetian Monastery of Ayia Napa in Cyprus in the Famagusta district will be brought back to life thanks to the international collaboration between various cultural and research institutions, including a team from our University, coordinated by prof. Lorenzo Calvelli of the Department of Humanities.

J. Sanzo's ERC project compares Ancient Jewish and Christian magic rituals

Joseph Sanzo's study bridges the study of late antique magic in the Mediterranean and Near Eastern worlds (III-VIII cent. CE) with the study of early Jewish-Christian relations providing a comparative analysis of ancient magical texts and objects of Jewish and Christian origin (e.g. amulets, incantation bowls).

LeTs-Care: Italy vs EU best practices in long-term care

In 2023 the European Union launched the 'Care Strategy,' calling on countries to achieve common goals for long-term care. Funded by Horizon Europe, LeTs-Care is a comparative research project whose objective is to identify and study effective and replicable solutions in the field of long-term care.

Gulf States and humanitarian aid in Gaza: the ISLAMICAID research project

The dire humanitarian situation in Gaza rekindled the debate on the role of humanitarian intervention during conflicts and the paralysis of humanitarian diplomacy in protecting civilians. We discussed the topic with Altea Pericoli, Marie-Curie Global Fellow at Ca' Foscari University and Princeton University within the project ISLAMICAID - Aid from Islamic Donors in conflict zones.

With 20 'Marie-Curie' grants Ca' Foscari enters the European Top 10

Ca' Foscari University of Venice confirms its attractiveness for young talents in research and wins European funding for 20 'Marie Skłodowska-Curie' projects totalling 4.7 million euros.

Ca' Foscari to lead European research in the name of 'planetary health'

The Planet4Health project will engage a hundred researchers to find, analyse and share data that will help us understand the effects of climate change on human and animal health and design effective mitigation and adaptation policies.

A dataset to understand the relationship between environment and wellbeing

A new study coordinated by Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, CMCC and Institute of Environmental Science and Technology of Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona – presents a novel database called SHARE-ENV, that makes it possible to better understand the environment-wellbeing nexus in Europe.

Traces of sunscreen agents in the snow at the North Pole

A study conducted by researchers from Ca' Foscari University of Venice and the Institute of Polar Sciences - National Research Council of Italy (CNR-ISP), in collaboration with the University Center in Svalbard (UNIS), has identified 'emerging' contaminants used in personal care products in the snow of Svalbard. The study was recently published in Science of the Total Environment.

Study explains rapid deterioration of one of Juan Miró's favourite colours

Researchers from the Politecnico di Milano and Ca' Foscari University of Venice are part of the team unravelling the causes of the degradation of cadmium yellow, used by the Spanish painter: the presence of zinc in the crystalline matrix of the pigment, the production process and the environmental conditions in which paint was stored. The research is published in the scientific journal Heritage Science.