The vaccination campaign for Ca’ Foscari’s personnel has been launched

The vaccination campaign of the Veneto Region has now been extended to university personnel. It is now possible to select a seat and time slot for the vaccination.

Erasmus+: Ca’ Foscari receives maximum score at the European Commission

The European Commission has shown great interest in Ca’ Foscari’s project involving an increased digitization and simplification of all processes, as well as the development of virtual and blended mobility experiences, a higher level of inclusion for participants and a particular attention to environmental sustainability

2020 Dubai Expo: Ca' Foscari at the Italian Pavilion

Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and the Italian Committee for the 2020 Dubai Expo have agreed on the realization of important initiatives for the next World’s Fair, as a way to revitalize education, teaching and culture after the global pandemic, through a scientific and academic collaboration between Europe and Asia.

The Second Semester will begin on February 8th

Ready for the second semester? Classes will start again on Monday, February 8th, in the same way they have been conducted so far. You’ll be able to attend lessons both remotely and - in some cases - on campus, by booking a place through the MyUniVE app. We've also increased the number of available places in each library and reopened some study rooms.

Classes, exams and mobility - here are the measures for the 2nd semester

Dual mode will still be available for courses aimed at Bachelor’s and Master’s first-year students, as well as for classes with less than 25 people aimed at students in the second and third years of a Bachelor’s programme or in the second year of a Master’s programme. Exams will be held online and international mobility programmes will resume.

December 10th, university buildings reopening

After carrying out a check of the university's campuses and buildings in Venice’s historic centre, we are writing to communicate that the exceptionally high tide level of yesterday afternoon inflicted no damage upon them, so they will all be reopened on December 10.

Ca' Foscari joins the plea for the release of Dr. Ahmadreza Djalali

Djalali, an expert in Disaster Medicine, was sentenced to death in his home country of Iran, where he has been unlawfully detained for the past three years, after being accused of espionage based on unsubstantiated allegations.

Film Passport Project: a journey around the world through cinema

With the help of our Outreach and Recruitment Unit, 14 international students have put together a booklet full of opportunities for cultural exploration and enrichment, that provides the reader not only with movie suggestions, but also with new destinations, peoples and cultures .

University buildings closed on November 13th

Due to a strike called for Friday, November 13th, all University buildings (with the exception of the Roncade - Ca’ Tron campus) will remain closed. Teaching activities and all other activities will therefore be carried out only remotely on that day.