Experimental Condensed Matter Physics

Research group 

Francesco Gonella, Full Professor
Elti Cattaruzza, Full Professor
Stefano Bonetti, Associate Professor
Enrico Trave, Associate Professor
Michele Back, Researcher
Paolo Calvelli, Technical Staff


Università di Trento
Università di Padova
Università di Verona
CNR Venezia
Centro Enrico Fermi
Associazione InMurano
Kyoto University (Giappone)
Kyoto Institute of Technology (Giappone)
Lulea University (Svezia)
ITMO University, Saint-Petersburg (Russia)
TOF-HR Group presso ILL Neutrons for Science, Grenoble (Francia)
Beamline Lisa (ex Gilda) presso lo European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, Grenoble (Francia).
Emory University
NIST Boulder
Politecnico di Milano

Research topics

Metal Nanocluster Composite Glasses

  • formation mechanisms of metal cluster in glassy matrices
  • controlled modification of the structure of silicate glasses
  • 3rd-order nonlinear optical processes
  • plasmonic resonance phenomena in metal nanostructures

Luminescent Materials

  • synthesis of advanced luminescent materials
  • luminescence spectroscopy and dynamics study
  • optical properties of lanthanide ions
  • study of energy transfer mechanisms
  • study of up-conversion processes


  • magnetism in thin films
  • spin transport and dynamics at the nanoscale
  • x-ray resonant magnetic spectroscopy at synchrotron light sources

Waveguides for photonics

  • analysis of waveguiding properties of glassy films
  • materials for photonics
  • optical basicity studies of silicate glasses

Solar technologies

  • strategies for increasing the efficiency of photovoltaic cells
  • preparation and characterization of dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSC)
  • use of natural dyes in DSSC

Artistic glasses

  • investigation and research on glass art technology
  • innovative stained glass techniques
  • iridescence and dichroism properties

Last update: 17/04/2024