Industrial Organic Synthesis (IOS)

Research group 

Stefano Paganelli, Associate Professor
Valentina Beghetto, Associate Professor
Barbara Vicentini, Technical Administrative Staff
Manuela Facchin, Research Grant Holder
Roberto Sole, Research Grant Holder 
Silvia Conca, Research Fellow
Chiara Buranello, Research Fellow
Vanessa Gatto, Subject expert
Noemi Bardella, Subject expert

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Research Topics

The team’s goal is the development of new processes and technologies for a sustainable industry. In particular, the research aims to implement new innovative catalytic processes or new crossing-linking agents in agreement with Green Chemistry and Circular Economy principles. In particular, the research is aimed at the implementation of innovative catalytic processes and the development of new organic compounds for different companies in the packaging, paints, tanning, fine chemistry sectors.

The main areas of interest of the group are:

  • Recovery/recycling of agri-food waste for the tanning industry (BIOPOL)
  • Bio-based film for highly biodegradable packaging
  • Recovery/recycling of end-of-life plastics to produce high performance asphalt
  • Gypsum recovery/recycling for a Green building industry (sustainable living)
  • Extraction of flavonoids from soybean germ
  • Extraction of terpenes from medicinal plants
  • Homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis studies
  • Product/Process Implementation for a Sustainable Manufacturing (Crossing Srl,

Last update: 08/05/2024