Study in Venice Summer School 
The shape of water

Study in Venice Summer School: The shape of water, is the first example of an inter-university summer school in Venice.

Conceived within Study in Venice, a project that brings together the four main higher education institutions in Venice - the Venice Academy of Fine Arts, the Benedetto Marcello Music Conservatory, Ca' Foscari University and Iuav University of Venice - the summer school aims to welcome diverse students from all over the world who wish to experience Venice together in order to draw inspiration from it and build an original narrative vision of the lagoon city.

Programme overview

Students will be guided by professors from the four partner institutions on a journey combining the hands-on exploration of the city with guided tours and university lectures on archaeology, architecture, art and music history, performing arts and environmental science.  

The first edition of Study in Venice Summer School will be curated by Giorgio Andreotta Calò (Venice, 1979), an artist who combines great international experience with a profound knowledge of the city. The 'Souvenise' programme designed by Andreotta Calò for the Summer School sees the city of Venice as a privileged observatory from which to try to understand the changes that are taking place on a macroscopic scale.

The focus of the investigation will be water, which is the element that most characterises the territory. The practice of walking will become an instrument for exploring the city and its immediate surroundings. During the planned collective walks, the students will be invited to collaborate actively through visual, tactile and sound practices and exercises (e.g., the sampling of the city's sounds through field recordings and sound scape, writing exercises, etc.); these practices will be useful in informing the students’ own unprecedented vision of the city.

The final part of the workshop will enable the participants to synthesise their experiences in the field and the theoretical courses into an intensive workshop that will see them create a 'souvenir' based on a project or a music text, which will represent their personal experience of the city and its ecosystem, including artistic performances.

The experience of the Summer School will be compiled in a notebook or in video/sound recordings that will document the three weeks of research on Venice.


The programme will be held over 3 weeks and combines lectures with field trips and guided tours around the city of Venice each week.

Program dates: July 4th - 22nd, 2022

Topics: archaeology, medieval art, history of photography

Visits in Venice: San Rocco, Basilica dei Frari, San Polo, San Salvador

Activities: live performance from the Baroque and Chamber Music Department, group work, music laboratory at the Benedetto Marcello Music Conservatory

Topics: modern & contemporary art, architecture, Venetian craftsmanship, the lagoon

Visits in Venice: lo Squero, Giorgio Cini Foundation, la Fenice

Activities: Printmaking workshop at the Academy of Fine Arts, group work

Topics: ecology & the environment, history of the Lido, electronic music

Activities: Printmaking workshop at the Academy of Fine Arts, group work, electronic music workshop, final project presentation

Teaching Committee

  • Cecilia Franchini (Benedetto Marcello Music Conservatory)
  • Stefano Riccioni (Ca' Foscari University of Venice)
  • Giuliano Sergio (Academy of Fine Arts of Venice)
  • Angela Vettese (Iuav University of Venice)

Artistic Director: Giorgio Andreotta Calò
Programme Director: Stefano Riccioni


All lessons and activities will take place in the four institutions and around the city.


Applicants should be enrolled in an Undergraduate or Graduate degree programme.

Fees and applications


Fees for the full 3 weeks cost €700. Programme fees cover all instruction, student administration (including the issue of a final transcript) and orientation. All participants will have access to the University Wifi network in all University buildings (including at the libraries and the cafeterias).


Applications are now closed.


Accommodation is available at the Camplus Santa Marta residence in Venice's city centre on request at the following prices:

  • €40 shared accommodation in a double room (private bathroom + kitchenette)
  • €60 accommodation in a single room (private bathroom + kitchenette) - subject to availability

Breakfast is included in the fee. The residence also has a fitness room and a laundry room. 

For more information on how to reserve rooms, please write an email to specifying you will be a summer school student at our university.



Last update: 27/09/2022