The university guarantees gender transitioning students to be able to live in a positive study environment, attentively safeguarding their privacy and their personal dignity, in which the interpersonal relationships are based on fairness, mutual respect for freedom and the inviolability of the person under the eyes of the Italian law 164/1982.

This is why we activate an alias that consists of the assignment of a temporary, transitory and non consolidable identity. It is a modification of the student’s career and represents the anticipation of the necessary measures to be taken at the end of the gender transition process.

Period and Method 

The activation of the aliascan be requested by anyone who has started transitioning, subject to the presentation of appropriate administrative and medical-diagnostic documentation, certifying the status of a psychotherapeutic and medical programme aimed at the eventual sex reassignment.

You can request activation of the alias any time after enrollment.  

To request the alias you will have to send an email to, attaching suitable administrative and medical documentation, and identify the route taken. 

You will then be contacted to stipulate a confidential agreement with the university.

What does this mean?

The alias remains active throughout the duration of your studies. Once approved, your alias will be closed and the course registry will be updated.

When you are activating your course alias you will receive an identity card indicating your enrollment, your surname and chosen name, which can only be used with the university.  


  • Give the university notice when you have intentions to do things with the university that have external relevance (e.g. doing an internship, accession to international mobility projects, request for scholarships), and verify and agree with the administrative tutor if and how you can follow up on your requests by continuing to use your elective identity;
  • Inform the university of any situation that may modify the Confidential Agreement on the contents and validity. In particular, to promptly notify the issuing of sex correction and name by the court. 

Also remember that: 

  • The certificates issued by the university for external use will refer exclusively to the legally recognised personal identity. The university will not produce any certification or testify concerning your alias.
  • In case you obtain the final qualification without the court having intervened, all the course documents will be interpreted referring to your actual personal data and consequently the certificates will be issued and the graduation parchment will be drawn up.

Last update: 22/06/2022