Project publications

  • Blanco Sío-López, C., ‘Schengen as a Political Territory: Sources of differentiation in the EU’s ‘free movement of persons’ from 1985’, Politique européenne, Special Issue 2019 ‘Differentiation in European Integration’, 60:1, ISSN: 1623-6297, Paris, CNRS – L’Harmattan (under review).

Preliminary project publications

Project research activities

Preliminary research activities 

  • Transient Traces? Lessons from EC/EU Enlargements and the Schengen Area to address the Global Governance Challenges of Multiculturalism’, 'The Multicultural Question in a Mobile World', European University Institute (EUI), Florence, 8 April 2016.
  • Blanco Sío-López, C., ‘ Dialogues beyond the ‘Fortress Europe’: A Social-Network Approach to the Genesis and Evolution of the ‘Free Circulation’ Concept through EP Schengen Area Debates’, 2015 IHC/FCSH-UNL International Conference 'Schengen: People, Borders and Mobility', New University of Lisbon (NOVA), 16 June 2015.
  • Blanco Sío-López, C., ‘EC Migrants' Integration Measures and Political Culture Spillover in the midst of the Community's Southern and Eastern Enlargements’, International Conference ‘Peoples and borders: Seventy years of movement of persons in Europe, from Europe, to Europe (1945-2015), EU Liaison Committee of Historians, University of Padova, 6 November 2014.