Open Badges and certificates

Open Badge

What is an Open Badge?

Open Badges (OBI - Open Badges Infrastructure) are digital documents that recognize competencies, skills, achievements or attitudes of their recipients (soft skills). They are issued according to international standards by different kinds of associations, firms and educational institutions such as Universities and professional schools as a guarantee of the recipient’s acquired skills.

The OBI is an image file with embedded structured metadata that provides information about the skill or competence acquired, how it was earned (test method), who it was issued by and who it was issued to (the recipient).

Students can add OBI to their digital CV or share them via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other online platforms and thus enrich their competency portfolio and inform potential employers about their skills. They are hosted by specialized  platforms in an open-source format.

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How to pick up an Open Badge

The Ca’ Foscari School for International Education (CFSIE) issues the following Open Badges:

Italian language course, online and on-campus, 50 hours

  • Italiano A1
  • Italiano A2

Italian language course, online and on-campus, 70 hours

  • Italiano B1
  • Italiano B2
  • Italiano C1
  • Italiano C2

Open Badges are issued only after attending the following courses:

  • standard Italian courses
  • Italian courses for degree seeking students
  • summer intensive Italian courses

When an Open Badge is awarded, earners will receive an email from – via Ca’ Foscari University Venice – to log into the Bestr platform and claim their Badge.

Unive credentials (matriculation number and password) must be used to log into

More information on how to pick up an Open Badge

How it works

Open Badge can be included in digital CVs and shared on social platforms to communicate in a simple and easy way all the competencies and skills acquired.

How to add an Open Badge to a CV

How to add an Open Badge to a Linkedin profile

Other certificates

The School for International Education (SIE) also issues certificates in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for languages:

  • Attendance certificate: for students who attend a minimum of 70% of all language classes, but who do not take, or pass the final exam
  • Attendance certificate with final grade: for students who attend a minimum of 70% of all language classes, and who take and pass the final exam.

Last update: 09/04/2024