Nano@Sens laboratory explores the application of nanomaterials in the development of innovative electrochemical sensors for health and environmental monitoring. Our expertise holds the whole process leading to the realization of the devices, comprising the synthesis and characterization of tailored nanosized materials, their use in the fabrication of inkjet-printed electrodes, or the modification of conventional electrode surfaces by various deposition approaches. Another crucial pillar of the laboratory concerns the application of these advanced sensors in real matrices to facilitate their transfer in the health and environmental sensor market. The expertise of the former groups of Electroanalysis (prof. Salvatore Daniele) and Electrochemical Sensors (prof. Paolo Ugo) in the fabrication and use of microelectrodes and of the ensemble on nanoelectrodes completes the expertise of the group in the application of nano/micro devices in electrochemical sensing.

Work with us

Undergraduate students

Undergraduate research opportunities are often available. If you want to develop your thesis at Nano@Sens, please contact us.

PhD students

Positions open every year in spring. Besides Chemistry, we accept students from many disciplines, including Materials Science, Science and Technologies for Cultural Heritage, and Science and Technology of Bio and Nanomaterials. If you are interested, please contact us.

Postdoctoral researchers

At present, we do not have funding to support postdoctoral fellowships. However, researchers with independent support are encouraged to inquire about possible projects. To apply, please email a cover letter stating research interests, up-to-date CV, and a list of references.