Bachelor's Degree Programme in
Philosophy, International and Economic Studies

Study plan

The study plan (academic curriculum) is the complete list of the academic activities that students must complete in order to fulfil the degree programme requirements.
The attendance plan is the total list of courses available to the student according to their year of studies.

Students can add any undergraduate course among their optional credits, with the exception of courses with obligatory attendance for Linguistic and Cultural Mediation.

Students who wish to continue with their studies by taking a Master’s degree at Ca’ Foscari in Economics and Finance or Global Development and Entrepreneurship:

  • must include in their plan of study:
    1. LT9029 - Introduction to probability for economics
    2. LT9030 - Mathematics for Social Sciences
    3. and LT9017 - Economics of globalization
  • and moreover must fulfill the admission requirements (Minimum curricular requirementsPersonal preparationEnglish language requirements) for the Master’s degree they want to enrol in.


A.y. 2020/2021

A.y. 2019/2020

Previous academic years

If you enrolled in your degree programme 5 or more years ago, you can find your study plan into the relevant Esse3 section of your Personal Area.
For further information please contact the Campus specified into the Contacts section on the homepage of your degree programme website.

Filling in and submission

You must fill in and submit your study plan every year, even if you do not intend to make any changes to it.

Fill in the study plan


In case of doubts or problems in filling in your study plan, please contact the Campus specified into the Contacts section on the homepage of your degree programme website.

Study plan regulations

Please refer to the general curriculum rules addressed to students of Barchelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree courses.