Bachelor's Degree Programme in
Philosophy, International and Economic Studies

Traineeship and substitutive activities

In the field of the aforementioned “Other formative activities”, the study plan assigns 6 Formal University Credits (ECTS) to educational training and orientation.

The ECTS relative to educational training and orientation are firstly acquired through an internship activity. ECTS can also be acquired by means of substituted activities for the internship, the representation of the number of credits for the substitute activities for the internship is established and verified by the Teaching committee. It is not possible to recognize previous activities.

Part-time students can take an exam instead of doing an internship, with approval of the Teaching committee.

Work experience can be recognized if cohesive with the learning outcomes established by the degree programme.

The academic coordinator for traineeships is Professor Giulia Delogu.


Internships in Italy
Students interested in finding an internship in Italy can consult the possibilities and apply by following the instructions in the appropriate section.

Internships abroad
Ca’ Foscari promotes and organises internships all over the world. For students who choose to do an internship abroad, the University awards bonus points to the final degree mark.

Substitute activities to internships

For the recognition of the substitute activities to internships students must complete the specific module document, and deliver the documentation, completed and signed, to the Teaching committee.

The auto certificated substitute activities will be attentively evaluated and authorized case by case by the Teaching committee taking into great consideration the relevance of the activity proposed by the student to the curriculum, their development at a recognized entity and the possibility to document the activity carried out.