Master's Degree Programme in
International Management

Academic year 2024/2025

Degree-seeking students: apply

Level of qualification

Master's Degree Programme

Ministerial degree code

LM-77 (Management)






Department of Management, Cannaregio 873, 30121, Venice.
For further information please contact the Economics Campus,

Head of studies

Prof. Massimo Warglien, (Head of Teaching Committee)

Announcements and regulations

The teaching regulations of the study course depend on the following organisational aspects: educational goals, access methods, study plan, exams, final exam, job opportunities, etc. Throughout their university career, students must refer to the teaching regulations enforced from their matriculation.

Access to the programme

Limited admission, with evaluation of minimum curricular requirements: 70 places available
Quota reserved to non-EU students residing outside Italy: 15 seats, of which 1 is reserved to Chinese students, living in China, under the Marco Polo Program.

Admission requirements

To be admitted to this Master’s Degree Programme, students must possess a proper individual educational background and the minimum curricular requirements. A certified knowledge of English at minimum level B2 is also required from the time of enrollment, or to be ascertained by the time the degree is awarded, depending on the curriculum chosen.
Details about the assessment procedures are available in the webpage dedicated to test and admission requirements.

Admission with international qualification

Applicants with international qualification must have obtained a bachelor’s degree that is the result of at least 3 years of study. The preliminary evaluation of the qualification is mandatory. Procedures and deadlines are available on the dedicated online platform.
International qualification will be evaluated by the designated teaching committee after the pre-evaluation procedure carried out on the online platform.
Further details in the webpage dedicated to Degree-seeking students.

Course overview

The Master's degree programme in International Management is designed to educate experts in the management of private and public companies from all sectors, which are confronted with challenges and opportunities linked to the profound transformations of the national and international socio-economic scenario. The course provides the opportunity to develop advanced knowledge and skills in the main learning areas of Management through innovative teaching methods based on the active involvement of students and on the interaction with leading figures of the business and institutional world.
The degree programme, which is entirely taught in English, delves into the strategic planning processes associated with the dynamics of the international aspect of companies, and provides conceptual and analytical tools for problem-solving and decision-making in management at corporate, business and function level.

Double and Joint Degree

Ca' Foscari University of Venice offers international educational programmes designed in collaboration with one or more partner universities, entailing the attendance of part of the study path abroad. At the conclusion of these programmes, selected students obtain a Double Degree (a diploma from Ca' Foscari and one issued by the partner university) or a Joint Degree (single degree jointly awarded by the member universities of the consortium delivering the programme), depending on the provisions of the agreements with the partner universities and the different national regulations.

Double and Joint Degrees available:

Examination assessment and graduation

Educational activities include classroom teaching, workshops and an internship at the end to acquire a wide range of skills from the world of work.
During the whole university career, the various skills and knowledge acquired by students will be assessed through written and oral examinations.
The degree programme consists of writing a thesis, which must be original, exhaustive documentation and scientific investigation and which will be discussed with a committee of university professors and experts.

Access to further studies

Professional Master’s Programmes and PhD programmes.

Occupational profiles

Master's degree graduates in International Management are able to fill all those professional positions that require the mastery of interpretative tools in the field of international management. They are experts in the functioning of companies, both small and large, with a strong inclination towards internationalisation.
In particular, graduates specialising in international management will perform the following functions in a working context:

  • Managers of branches abroad
  • Sales managers on an international scale
  • Supply managers on an international scale
  • Organisation and human resources managers for multinational companies