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Cod. 2120-1-11-2018-Development of DSSC photovoltaic cells for energy production through the recovery of by-products deriving from wine processing activities"-DEADLINE September 13th 2018 AT 9.00 AM ITALIAN TIME-FSE
Cod. 2120-4-11-2018 Green extractions of wastes from the fruit preserves industry with supercritical CO2-DEADLINE September 24th 2018 AT 9:00 ITALIAN TIME-FSE
Cod. 1695-26-11-2018 Characterization of piezoelectric polymeric nanocomposites for the generation of electricity from the motion-DEADLINE September 27th 2018 AT 9:00 ITALIAN TIME-FSE
Cod. 1695-27-11-2018-"Polymeric fabrics able to shield low frequency electromagnetic radiation: chemical-physical characterization and laboratory shielding tests of materials-DEADLINE September 27th 2018 AT 9:00 ITALIAN TIME-FSE
PIN1’s functions in ovarian cancer - deadline 03-17-2020 at 12.00 Italian time
2120-0008-1463-2019-HAIR: Hair and Agri-food, make Innovations by Recycling-DEADLINE June 11th 2020 AT 9:00 AM ITALIAN TIME-FSE
2120-0013-1463-2019-Green extractions of agro-food waste with supercritical CO2-DEADLINE July 25th 2020 AT 9:00 AM ITALIAN TIME-FSE
Cod. 2120-0018-1463-2019-Development of new protocols relating to the extraction, analysis and quantification of microplastics from solid and semi-solid organic matrices-DEADLINE Julay 8th 2020 AT 9:00 AM ITALIAN TIME-FSE
Cod.2122-0001-1463-2019 - Study of the chemistry of ancient and modern Murano glass in order to develop and produce innovative materials - Deadline August 7, 2020, h.09:00 (Italian time)
Cod. 1695-0018-1463-2019-High yield fotovoltaic cells functionalized with quantum dots- DEADLINE August 31st 2020 AT 9.00 AM ITALIAN TIME-FSE
1695-0020-1463-2019-Flexible polymeric fabrics activated with metal-based nanostructures for shielding from electromagnetic radiation-DEADLINE September 14th 2020 AT 9:00 ITALIAN TIME-FSE
1695-0019-1463-2019-Smart fabrics: integrated fabrics with flexible piezolector nanocomposites for the production of electrical energy from mechanical energy-DEADLINE September 14th 2020 AT 9:00 ITALIAN TIME-FSE
2120-0018-1463-2019-Development of organ-on-chip, biomolecular kits for the monitoring of microplastics in agro-food products and organic matrices-DEADLINE September 14th 2020 AT 9:00 ITALIAN TIME-FSE
Study of activated carbon for water purification-DEADLINE October 23th 2020 AT 12:00 ITALIANA TIME-The activity will concern the screening of a series of activated carbon, some provided by the company and others found by the University's research group, in order to determine their adsorption capacity against specific pollutants. In particular, the research will be focused on the removal of pesticides, trichlorethylene and perchlorethylene. The chemical and physical properties of each activated c