PhD in Computer Science

Programme and courses

Common activities organized by the Phd Degrees Office

The PhD Degrees Office organizes many common activities for all the PhD programmes, such as disciplinary and inter-disciplinary seminars, linguistic and IT training, as well as focuses in the field of European and international research and of results and copyright enhancement.

Specific educational activities of the PhD programme


4 courses of the common curriculum

The programme lasts three years and is taught in English. Each student will have to attend and pass the test of at least 4 courses in the first 18 months (see the programmes below); the remaining 18 months being entirely devoted to the research project.

2 additional activities of Ca' Foscari PhD Office

Students will also attend at least 2 additional teaching activities organized by PhD Office, language and computer science ones excluded. Students will have the possibility to apply for other Schools and courses (even held outside Ca' Foscari; minimum required level: M.Sc. courses) by submitting their requests to PhD Coordinator/Board of Professors.


Academic year 2023/2024