PhD in Science and Technology of Bio and Nanomaterials

Programme and courses

Common activities organized by the Phd Degrees Office

The PhD Degrees Office organizes many common activities for all the PhD programmes, such as disciplinary and inter-disciplinary seminars, linguistic and IT training, as well as focuses in the field of European and international research and of results and copyright enhancement.

Specific educational activities of the PhD programme

Class timetable

Discover the timetables of the classes, workshops and other learning activities of the Phd programme in Science and technology of bio and nanomaterials.


The PhD program in Science and technology of bio and nanomaterials is a joint initiative between Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, CRO - the National Cancer Institute [ITA] in Aviano and KIT - the Kyoto Institute Of Technology, Japan, Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering and Faculty of Molecular Chemistry and Engineering.

Didactic programme

The first and second year are characterized by an advanced learning program. The department offers a series diversified activities (lectures, seminars, presentations, workshops, etc.) and promotes integration of PhD students. Most of the courses and seminars can be given in videoconference mode.

PhD students will learn to use specialized knowledge in an interdisciplinary context, characterized by a strong applicative value. PhD students will learn how to communicate the research results to different target audiences, to manage the intellectual property rights and to exploit their possible industrial development.

Research programme

PhD Students will manage interdisciplinary projects, together with experts from various disciplines, with the aim to develop materials and techniques in the frame of chemico-physico-biological analyses useful for the development of bio- and nano-technologies.
During the Programme, students can manage their research projects in the laboratories of DSMN and CRO, be part of the International program with KIT and develop the ability to collaborate with specialists coming from different disciplines.
The scientific area library (BAS) and Ca' Foscari Digital Library permit the access to the network of the most widely used databases and scientific journals.
PhD students are encouraged to develop part of their scientific program in foreign institutions, preferably in the second year. The minimum recommended period for the internship is three months. Internationalization is one of the priorities of the PhD Program: the PhD Course offers opportunities of study and cultural and professional growth in a prestigious network of universities.
Participation in top international conferences is recommended and financially supported.


Academic year 2023/2024