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STATISTICS - [ET2032-1] VENEZIA (161156): Exam August/September session

Published on 20/07/2020

Dear Students, 

This is to let you know that as far as I am aware the provisional date for the August exam is the afternoon of August 28th. You will eventually see the exam calendar - and the official date is the one you will see in the official calendar, but hopefully that won't be changed. 

The exam will be done in the same way as the second call, i.e. the June exam. The exam will be open book - which means you will need to join a Meet room with video recording on: you will be identified and ypu will be allowed to use notes and any other material. The exam will take place on Moodle with several questions with sub-questions (and different numbers of sub-questions). On the Moodle page of the corse you can find a simulation of the June 2020 Moodle quiz exam which you can use as an example. I will give more exact details on the exam structure on a date closer to the exam. 


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