LEE Hyojin

Position Researcher
Telephone 041 234 9563
E-mail hyojin.lee@unive.it
Website www.unive.it/persone/hyojin.lee (personal record)
Office Department of Asian and North African Studies
Website: https://www.unive.it/dep.dsaam
Where: Palazzo Vendramin

Publications by typology

Monografia o trattato scientifico
  • Hyojin Lee (2016), The Study of Korean Confucianism in Keijō Imperial University: formation and Development of Modern Knowledge (『京城帝国大学の韓国儒教研究――「近代知」の形成と展開』) , Bensei Shuppan (ISBN 978-4-585-21031-3)
    Link al documento: 10278/3718557
Articolo su rivista
  • Hyojin Lee (2021), Sinology and Oriental Studies in Keijō and Taihoku Imperial University: The Human Networks and Imperial Knowledge in JOURNAL OF TOEGYE STUDIES, vol. VOL.4, NO.1 (ISSN 2635-9685)
    Link al documento: 10278/3743092
  • Lee, Hyojin (2018), The Records of New Woman Choi Yeongsuk in Sweden: The Facts between the Myths and Rumors (in Korean) in 亞細亞女性硏究, vol. 57, pp. 143-174 (ISSN 1225-9241)
    Link DOI Link al documento: 10278/3718559
  • hyojin lee (2017), The ‘Assistants Association of the Department of Liberal Arts’ at Keijō Imperial University and Journal Gakkai (京城帝国大学文科助手会と会報『学海』) in KANSAI DAIGAKU TŌZAI GAKUJUTSU KENKYŪJO KIYŌ, vol. 50, pp. 271-285 (ISSN 0287-8151)
    Link al documento: 10278/3718567
  • Hyojin, Lee (2014), Evaluations of Kim Jeong-hui in Modern Japan and Korea -Focusing on Fujitsuka's research about Kim Jeong-hui and publishing of The Complete Collection of Wandang in HIGASHIAJIA BUNKA KOSHO KENKYU, vol. 7, pp. 289-303 (ISSN 1882-7748)
    Link al documento: 10278/3735536
Traduzione in Rivista
Articolo su libro
  • hyojin (2019), Human Networks of Keijo Imperial University and the Assistants Association Program - Focusing on faculty of law and literature (In Korean) , Exploring the Horizon of the Knowledge of East Asian Humanities, Kyŏngjin (ISBN 8959962554)
    Link al documento: 10278/3718561
Recensione in Volume
  • Lee, Hyojin (2020), [Book review] Christina Yi : Colonizing Language : Cultural Production and Language Politics in Modern Japan and Korea in Christina Yi, Kotoba to shakai [Language and Society], Tokyo, Sangensha, vol. 22, pp. 197-201 (ISBN 978-4-88303-517-5)
    Link al documento: 10278/3735584