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Inglese 1 Comes

Published on 04/02/2021


Explanation on Groups:


There are lots of students doing the Inglese 1 course, so we divide the students into 6 groups - you have to choose ONE group. The courses all follow the same programme of study at a low B2 level. All students take the same exam. Some courses are with me and others with my colleague Rosanna Varuzza.

- If you haven't done the B1 university entrance exam yet (because you don't feel prepared for this exam) or you feel you are not yet B2 level, please come to Group A. 

- If you have passed the Cambridge FCE exam you can come to Group C. This is only for students who have done the FCE exam or other international B2 exams. We spend less time doing grammar (as you have already studied this for your previous exams) and more time on speaking. 

- All other students please join the remaining groups depending on your surnames and the day / time you'd like to do the course. Please choose your group and then stay in it. It causes a lot of admin problems when students swap courses and it makes it difficult to ensure the classes are as similar in size as possible.


 - There is also an extra OPTIONAL class on Grammar (Gruppo Grammar) on Wednesdays 2:00 - 3:30. This is open to all students but is meant especially for students who are not confident with their grammar. It's a review of Level B1 grammar. Remember this course is EXTRA and is in addition to doing one of the courses above and it is also OPTIONAL so you don't have to attend it if you don't want to.


See you in class.



Inglese I Comes groups E, F

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