CartaConto Ca' Foscari

The new CartaConto Ca’ Foscari is made possible by a collaboration between Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and Gruppo Crédit Agricole Italia. You can use your card to:

  • access University libraries and take out books;
  • make photocopies;
  • make payments using CartaConto as a prepaid card

CartaConto will be issued to students registered to all Degree Programmes, including research doctorates at Ca’ Foscari and those who participate in “mobility periods”. Students who already hold the CartaConto - such as those who graduated in the Summer of 2016/17 and are now enroling in a Master's programme - will not receive it.

Contacts and reservations

CartaConto will be sent to you automatically 3 weeks after your registration is communicated to you.

Your CartaConto will be sent to you free of charge: when you fill out your request to register, you will be asked to choose an address (residence or domicile) to which the University will send your card. If you choose an address of domicile different from your address of residence (ex. Your parent’s house), we recommend you write your first and last name on your doorbell to avoid any issues with the post. If your address is in a country outside Italy, your CartaConto will be sent directly to the central headquarters of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. 

Requesting a duplicate card

You must be up to date with your payments of University taxes and contributions in order to request a duplicate of CartaConto. You will need to send a request form (which you can find in your personal area: Services> forms) and a copy of a valid identity document to You may choose to receive the duplicate:

  • at the URP office in Ca’ Foscari: In this case you will receive a message on your University email as soon as your card is available.
  • at the address you indicated in your Personal Area: please make sure your information is up to date before sending a request for a duplicate.

Your card will be sent to you in three weeks, counted from the date in which your request is registered by the office.

If the CartaConto has been activated as a prepaid card at the Bank you must block it prior to sending the request of duplicate at the green number 800 822 056.

The CartaConto [ITA] is also a prepaid card that allows to make payments all over the world and online. The Card allows you to: 

  • pay university tuition fees and receive financial support from Ca’ Foscari (scholarships, for example.);
  • make payments via PagoPA;
  • make purchases in shops and withdraw from cash-machines that accept Mastercards;
  • use NowBanking, a home banking service and NowPay, a service that allows you to send small amounts of money to your phone contacts;
  • pay MAV/RAV bills or bills via post;
  • make online payments;
  • receive and pay checks, also online;
  • top up your phone and pay your utility bills.

CartaConto is the only way the University handles its financial relationships with the student body. Therefore you must activate it as a prepaid card as soon as possible in order to receive financial support from the University in the form of scholarships, tax refunds and any other funds the University may have in your favor.

Please keep your card even if you change your course of study or leave the University for whatever reason (for example, if you change your degree programme, register for a Master’s Degree Programme after your Bachelor’s Degree or when you graduate.)

You must activate your CartaConto if you have been awarded one or more scholarships, have right to refunds for your taxes and University contributions, have been given scholarships to study or work abroad (for example, through the Erasmus program) or if you work part-time at the University.

If you have a scholarship for a doctorate degree, you may choose whether to receive monthly payments on your CartaConto or on your own personal bank account.

How to activate your CartaConto

You can activate your CartaConto as a prepaid card by following the online procedure: as a part of the procedure, you will be asked to choose between an identification with wire transfer or with a Selfie as a facial recognition.

Wire transfer identification

What you will need:

  • current account already to your name with the same account holder as your CartaConto;
  • an identity document (either an identity card, a driver’s license or a passport).

You can activate your account with a wire transfer of at least 1.00 EUR. You may use your account with the old Multiservice Card or at a bank with a physical presence in Italy.You can find the list of the non-participating banks in the FAQ.

Selfie identification

What you will need:

  • an identity document (either an identity card, a driver’s license or a passport);
  • a smartphone with the App Nowbankin [ITA].

To identify yourself, open the App Nowbanking, select the “Apri con un Selfie” function and follow instructions: you will be asked to take a Selfie that shows your face next to the identity document and then to photograph your identity document front and behind.

Activating your Account Online

To access the application, click on the “Attiva CartaConto Ca’ Foscari” button and follow the indications to the procedure.

Once you have filled out your request for a bank account, you will be able to monitor the progress of your application through the activation portal and by email.

Activating your card at a local branch of a bank

If you prefer, you can activate your card in person at the branch of Credit Agricole FriulAdria: look for the closest bank to you [ITA].

You will need:

  • your Italian tax code (“codice fiscale);
  • a valid identity document (either an identity card, a driver’s license or a passport);
  • if you are a resident of a foreign country, you will need the NIF (a fiscal identification document from your home country);
  • only if you are a resident of a non-EU country, you will need a valid residence permit or residence permit receipt.

Opportunities with Crédit Agricole

Ca’ Foscari University of Venice is collaborating with Crédit Agricole Italia to offer students learning opportunities and work placements in the near future.

The projects we aim to develop in the near future include:

  • tours of workplace, informative sessions focusing on financial education and career opportunities;
  • industry placements in dynamic, international workplaces;
  • Co-Creation: a way to re-imagine banking in a non-conventional participative way.

Access to libraries, book loans and photocopiers

If you have not yet received your Card or if you are waiting for a duplicate, you can still access the libraries. Please explain your situation to the Library staff who will give you a daily pass that you can renew any time you want to access a library. You will be able to borrow books as if you had your card with you but you cannot use your daily pass to make photocopies: please ask library staff for a card for the photocopier.

Your photocopying credits are associated with your registration as a student, and not with your card. You can use any remaining credit when you get a new card.

You cannot use credit from your prepaid card to make photocopies. To top up your credit, please use the machines present in the libraries.

Your card will be deactivated six months after you graduate. You may request six months deferral for access to the library from library staff.

No: your card will be deactivated the instant you request a duplicate.

Ask for support from library staff: there may be an issue with the card’s chip. This does not affect the card’s function as a prepaid card or your ability to borrow books: to use the photocopier and access the libraries (BEC, BAUM and CFZ), however, you will need to request a new one.

Receiving your card

To the address that you have indicated in your Personal Area.

If you are a student who is already registered and is waiting for the new CartaConto to substitute your white temporary card or your Multiservice Card with photo i.d., please check your calendar.

If you are a newly registered student, you should receive your card three weeks after we communicate your registration to the University.

If more than fifteen days pass after the date when you expected to receive the card, please write to the Public Relations Unit.

Please send a request form to the Public Relations Unit attaching a copy of a valid identity document and your Italian tax code (“codice fiscale”) making sure to state clearly the mistake made on your CartaConto. Do not activate the card until it has your name written correctly on it.

No need to worry: the new card doesn’t include photo i.d.

Banking services

You must activate your card if you are awarded scholarships, refunds on your taxes or University contributions, if you receive any funding to study or work abroad (for example, the Erasmus program) or you work part-time for the University. If you have been awarded a scholarship for doctorate level studies, you may choose whether you prefer your funds to be paid to you on your CartaConto or on your personal bank account.

The bank transfer (of at least one euro) must be carried out from the previous Multiservice Card or from
your own bank account in another Italian bank if the account is registered under the same name of the

The following banks are not participating:

  • BANCA24-7;
  • CARTALIS IMEL S.p.A. (Imel e Paypal);

If you want to activate your Multiservice Card with Gruppo Banco Popolare, you may do so by bringing your Multiservice Card, a cover letter indicating your “numero busta”, a valid identity document and your Italian tax code (“codice fiscale”) or health card (“tessera sanitaria”). You can book an appointment on line at the bank [ITA].

Please call the customer assistance desk at the bank:

  • New CartaConto: Crédit Agricole FriulAdria, Phone number: 800 822 056
  • Old Multiservice Card with photo i.d.: Banco Popolare, Phone number: 800 024 024

Ca’ Foscari’s adoption of CartaConto does not affect your relationship with Banca Popolare in any way. Do bear in mind that CartaConto from August onwards will be the only way the University handles its financial relationships with the student body and any financial support you may receive from the University will be sent on that card. The remaining money in your account will not be automatically transfered as the new CartaConto is activated.

Last update: 20/01/2022