Bauhaus of the Seas in Venice, watch the videos of the conference


The "Bauhaus of the Seas" conference has ended: the international event dedicated to the sea, the environment and sustainability organized by the Municipality of Venice and Ca' Foscari has come to a close after two days filled with ideas and activities. 

The conference, which began on Monday 20 September at the Arsenale in Venice, saw the participation of prestigious guests from the Italian and European political, scientific and cultural scene such as the Minister of University, Maria Cristina Messa, the Portuguese Ministers Manuel Heitor (Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education) and Ricardo Serrão Santos (Ministry of the Oceans) and the starchitect Michele De Lucchi, who gave a keynote speech on 21 September, opening the second and final day of the event.

From left to right: Tiziana Lippiello, Michele De Lucchi and Paola Mar

Ruth Reichstein, who supported Ursula von Der Leyen in the ideation of the New European Bauhaus project, has greeted the guests on behalf of the European Union.

Other guests included Luigi Brugnaro, Mayor of the City of Venice, Gabriele Galateri, President of the Italian Institute of Technology, Nuno Nunes, Professor at the Instituto Superior Técnico Lisboa and President of the Interactive Technologies Institute, Gina Gylver, Board Member in Nature and Youth, Andrea Romani, Commander Rear Admiral of the Institute of Maritime Military Studies in Venice, and Isabelle Ryckbost, Secretary General of the European Sea Ports Organization.

The "Bauhaus of the seas" project has taken up the challenge launched by the European Union for the creation of a new Bauhaus, an international movement capable of putting into practice the objectives of the Green Deal, working on sustainability and social inclusion.

Responding to this challenge, Venice and Ca' Foscari together with Lisbon and the Instituto Superior Técnico have started a continental and global movement that revolves around a decisive natural space for the two cities: the sea.

Imagined as a journey that begins in Portugal (where the first stage of the planning was held last May), the Bauhaus of the Seas aims to expand to all coastal and maritime regions of Europe.

In the manifesto proposed by the Italian-Portuguese alliance, the general objectives of the New European Bauhaus programme (sustainability, beauty and inclusion) are interpreted through the lens of the European coastal territories, which host 41% of the entire population of the continent.

As stated in the opening speech by Rector Tiziana Lippiello, “The purpose of the project is to promote an ethical and aesthetic development linked to the different ways in which we interact with the sea. [..] the seas are conceived as an innovative observatory and source of energy and creativity, as well as the glue of our hemisphere, the place that gives continuity to different yet complementary ecosystems. Land and Sea, the landscape as an integrated ecosystem.”

Maria Cristina Messa, Minister of  University and Research: "Venice will be able to fully utilize the past as a key tool to design and test the future. [...] A strong commitment that the city takes on not only for itself, but for the whole world. In this ambitious challenge, universities play a key role. It is up to them to recognize, connect and enhance the individual cards. To do this you need a heterogeneous culture: open, curious, young and ambitious."

Maria Cristina Messa and Tiziana Lippiello

Ricardo Serrão Santos, Portuguese Minister of Oceans “In this Bauhaus of the Seas Lisbon reconnects with Venice aiming to “make peace with the sea” through a new pact, bringing the Blue Dimension into the EU Green Deal. [...] The Bauhaus of the Sea project extrapolates the traditional view of the ocean, seeking new reflections, connecting areas that are not always seen together, such as artistic creation and ocean science and technological innovation”

Manuel Heitor and Ricardo Serrão Santos

The conference marked the official start of the planning phase and the final project will be submitted to the European Union by next January.

Ca’ Foscari will give its contribution with its expertise and knowledge in environmental sciences, sea-related technologies and climate change, in the enhancement and management of cultural heritage, from maritime archeology to restoration and artistic and cultural productions, together with the digital skills to promote policies of inclusion and urban regeneration.

The event stream will remain available on the YouTube channel of the “Bauhaus of the Seas” project.
Watch the full conference down below:

Francesca Favaro